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In my hectic world, making time to work out is a hard thing to do. Between being a stay-at-home mom and working from home, my days are filled with tasks and responsibilities to get through. I also find it hard to stay motivated when I am doing the workout by myself as there is no one to challenge or encourage me to get moving and push myself harder. Jabra has a line of wireless Bluetooth earbuds that offer audio coaching that allows you to do your fitness routine indoors and outdoors. I was very excited to see what the Jabra Sport Coach Wireless headset could do to help me get into a workout rhythm and get back into shape.




Jabra is the world’s first wireless workout solution with in-ear audio coaching and integrated TrackFit™ motion sensor. This system is designed to help users to help plan, track, coach, motivate and push you to do your best while listening to your favourite tunes. Bluetooth makes this portable in-ear solution even more freeing so you are not attached to your smartphone getting tangled in wires while working out. This system is also sweat proof and water proof and fits snugly within your ears so you do not have to worry about them falling out of your ears. Finally, if you do have a workout buddy, this system can be connected to two devices using the Advanced Multiuse™ function.

These are the components that come with the Jabra Sport Coach Wireless headset.




There were several replacement EarGel that cover the earbuds to ensure a comfortable fit in your ears. There were also two alternate EarWings that help to secure the earbuds into your ears during your workout.

For this review, I used an Android phone. This version of the Jabra Sport Coach Wireless earbuds is specifically made for iOS, but it is also compatible for devices that have Bluetooth. I also had to download three different apps in order to run this system on my phone:

• Jabra Sport
• Jabra Sound
• Jabra Service

Jabra Sport is the app that runs the actual workouts. Jabra Sound allows for users to have their tunes played simultaneously during your workouts. Jabra Service is a service library for this system, and is only required if requested by Jabra Sport.


Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Headset


Once I had the system set up on my phone, I tried all of the cross-training activities at the lowest levels to see what they were like and if I could accomplish them in the time they suggested. Under this category, there were five different circuits users could try:

• CardiCore
• MadCore
• BellyBurn
• PushPerfection
• TakeOff

I really liked how there was a rundown of each exercise users would be doing, as well as instructions on how to do each exercise and an estimated time of how long it should take to do each exercise. There was also a countdown clock for timed exercises so users know how much longer they have until the next exercise in the circuit would begin. The next exercise in the circuit would also show up so users are prepared to switch their position in order to perform it. After completing each circuit, Jabra Sport stores your results under the History tab so you can see how well you did and where you need to improve.




It was also great to be able to access music from different sources to play while doing a circuit. I had the ability to add playlists, albums and songs using my Jabra Sound app, selection music from my Google Play Music Library, or not to have any music at all. The premium wireless music is powered by Dolby. The sound was really great, and I was able to listen to the music and hear my in-ear coach crystal clear.




I found it really easy to use the controls on the headset. It was also easy to control the volume and the songs I wanted to hear by pushing the button conveniently located on the right-hand side of the headset. I was able to pause and stop my circuits by pushing the Sports Button on the left-hand side. I was even able to use this headset to take phone calls while wearing them whether I was in mid-workout or if my hands were busy clacking away on my keyboard.


Jabra Sport Coach Wireless Headset 


The instructions say that it takes about five minutes to set up before you can start using this system. It took me about fifteen minutes to complete most of the set-up. I got to a point where it showed me how to put the EarWings into my ears, and the set-up would not go any further than this point, so I skipped through to the circuits to begin testing the rest of the system. Once I did this, the rest of the system was really easy to use.

Overall, I really enjoyed using the Jabra Sport Coach Wireless headset. It was really easy to adjust for comfort, the apps were fun to use once I started doing a circuit, and the sound was really clear and strong for my in-ear coach and the music I was listening to. The next step I want to try doing is going out for runs and swims using this system to track my speed, distance and laps. You can also use this headset for cycling, hiking, skiing, skating, spinning on an exercise bike, walking or working out on a treadmill. It was so much fun to use!

Jabra Sport Coach Wireless is available for $169.99 at select Best Buy Canada stores and at Jabra

To find out more about Jabra, you can visit them on their website. You can also connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages!


Disclaimer: I received this product in order to write this review. The views expressed are my own.


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  1. kathy downey says:

    I will tell my daughter about this post.

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    The Jabra Sport Coach Wireless headset sounds like something that my son would like and Christmas is coming soon 🙂

  3. kathy downey says:

    The Jabra Sport Coach Wireless headset is a product my daughter would love

  4. kathy downey says:

    Will make an excellent gift for hubby.

  5. Sandra Watts says:

    Nice headset. I go through them so fast I hate to spend good money on a pair.

  6. Fan R says:

    Great gift, pretty expensive one in comparison to other head sets. Impressed with the design and features.

  7. kathy downey says:

    The Jabra Sport Coach Wireless headset, a bit pricy for me!

  8. Nate says:

    This will make a great gift

  9. loriag says:

    The Jabra Sport Coach Wireless headset sounds great. I have a different wireless headset and it is so handy.

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