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Nutrition Course


TummyThyme is your one-stop reliable nutrition resource for you and your child.  We provide nutrition courses and individual consultations on healthy eating during pregnancy, starting to feed your baby; toddler nutrition; packing healthy school lunches; planning and preparing great family meals; dealing with picky eaters and more!

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 All services are provided by a Registered Dietitian, and we are able to provide receipts for insurance purposes as needed.

You can chose  one of the nutrition courses listed below.

Value is $45.00.


Course Descriptions

Title:  Feeding your 9-12 month old: Moving into more texture and taste

Description:  Enhance flavour, expand food choices, and find out which healthy foods are best for your growing baby and discover great finger food ideas 


Title:  Filling your Toddler’s Tummy:  1-3 years

Description:  Find out your toddler’s nutrition needs between one and three years


Title:  It’s in the Bag:  Packing Healthy School Lunches

Description:  Learn how to overcome common challenges to packing healthy lunches and how to fill your child’s lunch bag with nutritious, portion appropriate food choices 


Title:  Making Family Meals Easy and Enjoyable

Description:  Gain tools to help making planning, preparing and serving healthy meals that the whole family will enjoy 


Title:  Restoring Mealtime Peace: Tips for Parents of Picky Eaters age 1 to 6 years

Description:  Learn how expand your child’s food choices and increase variety, while making mealtime fun 


Title:  Prenatal Nutrition:  Optimal eating for mom and baby during pregnancy

Description:  Learn about eating nutritionally for optimal growth, health and well being of both mom and baby


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