Who’s says the length of something is pertinent to how happy you are in the end?

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So here’s to trying something I thought I’d never have the opportunity to try. Hair extensions.

I’m the type of person that as soon as my hair grows even the slightest bit (so when I walk in front of a mirror), I cut/trim/do something to it. So basically I have not had my hair LONG since I was a teenager..about *MUFFLEMUFFLE*teen years ago. I was very excited.

I’ve wandered through malls most of my life, I have probably spent most of my life visiting Bayshore Shopping Center.


On the second floor is a neat “Girly” store called TRADE SECRETS.

I got the opportunity, through their local management, to go in and have a set donated for this story for me to try.

I walked in, after quite a long week thusfar at work, end of the day and they managed (thankfully) to squeeze me in. And they had my color! (Being a natural redhead, apparently finding the exact shade, unless it’s out of a box, is pure luck, especially walking in and hoping to get it that same day.) Wow. So very impressive. 🙂

I chose synthetic (mainly for the price, trying this out, I wasn’t interested in going top-of-the-line-expensively “Real hair” extensions) and I have got to say:  I don’t use a lot of product in my hair, if at all, and with synthetic, you cannot use a flatiron, blow dryer. Synthetic? Think dolls hair. It looks awesome, and you don’t want to destroy or ruin it.

And I chose Crimps-style to put them in. Unlike glue, which according to a girlfriend of mine, who wears extensions religiously, it can get messy and you cannot randomly take them in and out when bored of the length.

In went the first layer (there are 3 “layers”).

The first “layer” has 3 levels of clips. Snapped into your hair at the root, next layer has just one layer of crimps, snapped at the crown, then third layer is 1 crimp, (2 individual pieces) clamped into either side of your head at the temples. My hair went from 9-10 inches long to 14 inches long! Woohoooo!

So I get home, wander in the house, and does my hubby notice?.. um he’s male, so take a guess.. But one of my stepsons noticed “something” was different with my hair.


I wore them for 3 days. The first full day in, you get used to the volume (your hair is so much thicker), then you go to sleep with them in (it’s awkward, but I tied it up so that it wouldn’t be frizzy and tangled come morning). The second day I felt like it was definately thicker, the volume was awesome, in the heat? I had it tied up, but then the muggyness makes the head itch, but you can’t exactly scratch, the clips are scattered in the way. But beauty means pain sometimes, right? Day three..”oh my gosh, I love them but 3 days is a little much. I cannot see how celebrities can live with these in their hair for more than a couple of days!”

All in all, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the length and that I can get the length I want without having to wait to grow out my hair, then take it out and have my natural hair blowing in the wind, then pop them in a few days later!Store:  Trade Secrets

Locaton: Bayshore Shopping Center, 2nd floor

Employee/Extentions Guru:  Heather (amazingly nice and great at putting them in)

Contact:  Russ

Brand:  Perfect Pieces, Clip in Extensions   (  info@perfectpieces.ca  )

Length:  14 inches

Pieces in package:  4 + 2 hair clips

Colour:  Strawberries and Cream

I’d rate them 9/10 (I’d say 10/10, but wearing them for more than a couple of days makes the head itch, should’ve taken them out after 2 days of getting used to)

View Trade Secrets blog to see how to put on clip-in hair extensions.

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