Who is the Fairy Hobmother and How Can You Receive a Visit?!?

| April 10, 2013 | 11 Comments

Two months ago, I was reading the headline on a blog by The Knit Wit by Shair: Who got a visit from the FairyHobmother?  A what?   Ok, now I was really curious and wanted to find out more so I started reading the article.    At the end, Shair writes to leave a comment if you would like to receive a visit.



Guess what, a month later I head back from the Fairy Hobmother:

I’m the Fairy Hobmother, spreading light and joy across the blogosphere with the help of talented bloggers like you! I stumbled across a comment you left on a post about me and I followed it back to your blog! I have to say that I was impressed with what I saw. You clearly work very hard on your blog. As an added bonus if any other bloggers comment on the post I may well be paying them a visit soon too!

He also mentioned that is Fairy Overlords are at Appliances online.  I had a chuckle since we replaced most of our appliances in the fall 2012 with the latest addition in January of our Samsung Fridge.  It was not a luxury as the old one was 20 years old.


Afterwards, I went on Google and did a search on this fairy creature, and 32, 600 posts came up!  Wow, that’s a lot of visits.  A link to a twitter account event showed up. I noticed that fellow friend bloggers Life in Manitoulin, Frugal Mom Eh!Country Mouse, City Mouse & Mommy Knowz  had also written a blog on the Fairy Hobmother.

He definitely made my day and his surprise gift was well appreciated!

Don’t forget to write a comment below, add your email address and a link to your blog if you would like to receive a visit. You never know, you might be next!


“Disclaimer:  I was offered a $50 Amazon code to write this article, however all opinions in place and ideas on this blog are my own”


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  1. Very cool! Pick me, pick me! Sounds like fun 🙂

  2. That Fairy sure is generous. He stopped by Journeys of The Zoo this week as well. He’s making the rounds.

    What will you get?

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo
    Finding Humour in Everyday Life

  3. those are nice appliances I just replaced our fridge too.
    we would like the fairy hobmother to visit us too 🙂

  4. Rosy says:

    Dear Fairy Hobmother, I have posted to Facebook in hopes of doubling my wishing power! My wonderful husband cooks for our family every day and loves to do groceries. I wish for a very cool retro fridge for all his money saving finds. If you give us notice, and ground beef is on sale, he will even make you his famous burgers!

  5. ashley picco says:

    I would love a visit from him! I have seen many posts from bloggers about his wonderful visits!

    talesofmommyhood (at) yahoo (dot) ca

  6. Jennifer Saarinen says:

    I’ve heard of the Fairy Hobmother lots of times but never knew what it was about. I’m curious why a HobMOTHER is a he? Lol :)Thought it was a typo at first but everyone says he. I’d love a visit!

  7. Starr Rahim says:

    This sounds like a blast. I’d love a visit from the fairy hobmother to my blog 🙂

  8. kathy downey says:

    I would love a visit from him! I need a new stove

  9. kathy downey says:

    This was such a fun read!!

  10. Laurence Price says:

    That’s a really funny fairy. It’s a great looking picture. Very nice indeed.

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