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Today’s technology has made certain items we grew up with less of a necessity. Since so many of us have a smartphone, watches have become an accessory we no longer have to remember to carry with us. For me, I have always loved wearing a watch, but I am particular about the ones I would wear. It has to be durable to survive my hectic lifestyle, and it has to fit my personal style of classic and chic so I would want to wear it time and time again. JORD Wood Watches asked me to review one of their unique watches, and I was excited to see if one of them could fulfill both criteria I have when looking for a watch.

JORD Wood Watches is focused on producing timepieces that are made to reflect a modern lifestyle and for people who make the most of every moment. Each watch is made out of various woods found all around the world and are masterfully cared for, from when they are cut down until they are crafted into pieces of art for you to enjoy.

Out of all of all of the pieces JORD has available to purchase, I chose to review their Women’s Fieldcrest Zebrawood & Maple timepiece. The band is made of zebrawood from West Africa. It is considered a luxury wood in most industries, but JORD only uses the whole stock to create these watches. The face is made of maple that is grown in North America. The striping of the grain of the zebrawood gives this piece a bit of an exotic flair. This Fieldcrest watch features the following details:

  • Scratch-resistant mineral glass face
  • Deployment buckle with push buttons
  • Citizen Miyota 2035 movement piece that displays hours, minutes and seconds.


OttawaMommyClub JORD Watch and Box 2 Photo


 The case alone is beautiful. Sliding open the case was a treat in itself. It is also made out wood and can be used either to house my watch or carry other treasures of mine. The carved “J” on the box gives this case so much personality. 

Once I removed this piece out of its box, I could not help turning it over in my hands to check out all of its features. The zebrawood band was like a gorgeous bracelet. The striping of the wood blended so together and gives this piece a look of adventure and sophistication. The maple face brightens the look of this watch and makes it look cheery and fun. It is also lightweight. I thought that it would be a bit weighty since it was made out of wood, but I could easily wear in on my wrist all day.


OttawaMommyClub JORD Watch and Pillow 2 Photo


I thought that opening and closing the clasp of my timepiece would be difficult, but it was really easy. All I had to do was press the metal buttons on the deployment buckle on the underside of the watchband and it releases in a snap. To close it again, I just folded the watchband back onto the deployment buckle = and press down until I heard a click.


It was really great to wear this timepiece out. Since the colour of the piece is neutral, it fit with so many of the clothes I have in my wardrobe. It has a classic and chic look. It did not upstage the rest of my outfit. It became a part of it. I love that I do not have to think about whether it will complement my outfit as it can be casual or formal.


OttawaMommyClub JORDWatch Wearing Collage Photo


I really love wearing my Women’s Fieldcrest Zebrawood & Maple timepiece from JORD Wood Watches. It is crafted well, durable and looks classic and chic no matter what I wear. It is also light and airy so it is not weighing down your wrist. The fact that this watch does show the time digitally adds to its charm for me! This is an accessory I will be wearing on my many adventures, whether I’m running an errand or going on an adventure!

Want to see more from JORD Wood Watches? Click here to check out their Women’s Shop! 

For more details about JORD Wood Watches, you can connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google + pages!

Disclaimer: I received a watch from JORD Wood Watches in order to conduct this review. The views I shared are my own.




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  1. I would love one of these watches. I’ve been on their website and all the watches are gorgeous and I love that they’re made from wood.


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