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Montreal ComicCon

Taking Canadian metropolis cities by storm are comic book fairs. The month of November offers the exciting opportunity for Eastern Canadian comic junkies to keep that box of dress up clothes out lingering in the open before the Christmas season officially kicks off.

The term Comic Con refers to science fiction, horror, manga, and other related conventions. These are events where people from all walks of life can connect by gathering for special shows, networking, buying, selling, and meeting (sometimes celebrity) guests.

Hal Con is a gaming, fantasy, and sci-fi convention that first started in October of 2010 in Halifax. Other similar events are prevalent all over Canada such as Montreal ComicCon, Toronto ComicCon, and Central Canada ComicCon in Winnipeg. These events are usually known for the mass of people dressed up also known as Cos Play. Role playing while meeting other enthusiastic fans creates a very unique and special environment, bringing more and more attendees in every year.

Web Perspectives™ surveyed online participants and found that although 76% of people surveyed were not planning on attending Hal Con, among these participants 6% were quite likely and planning on attending the big event in Halifax, another 4% were very likely, 8% were unsure and 4% were neutral. Keeping in mind the vast land mass Canada is, location and travel become everything when considering what events are worthwhile attending.

When surveyed what genres participants had the most interest in (very interested, interested & neutral) the results listed adventure, fantasy, films, and theatre as the top choices:

    • Adventure
      • 35 % very interested
      • 28% interested
    • Fantasy
      • 26% very interested
      • 22% interested
      • 28% neutral
    • Films
      • 35% very interested
      • 25% interested
      • 24% neutral
    • Theatre
      • 21% very interested
      • 23% interested
      • 26% neutral

On average, participants were fairly neutral (49%) when choosing which category was their favourite, with 21% stating they were interested and 18% stating they weren’t interested at all. Comic Con, like any specific event – isn’t for everyone but it can’t be denied the massive following that has occurred over the last few years.

Among the many benefits of attending the Hal Con event, meeting celebrities is one of them. Web Perspectives™ online survey revealed that Doug Savage (22%) a cartoonist, Mark Sheppard (11%) an actor in fantasy & sci fi films, and Garrett Wang (11%) of Star Trek Voyager, were the top contenders that Hal Con go-ers were looking forward to seeing. This diverse line-up allows everyone to engage in more than just simple dress-up.  With the rest of the results weighing in at 5% for Dan Parent ,6% Gisele Lagace, 6% Johnny Yong Bosch, 6% Jacqueline Carey, 6% Ross Mullan, 6% Kat Kruger, 5% none of the above, 11% all of the above, and 5% stating they weren’t sure at all. The choices are varied at this event allowing it to appeal to adults nostalgic about their favourite cartoon heroes, children looking to further explore their imagination, and anyone simply interested in experiencing something out of the ordinary.

November is a cold and brutal month for most Canadians along the Eastern Coast. With the clocks moved back an hour and sleeping added as a number one priority many Canadians are forced to brave the cold. Events allow communities to unite and still stay active even though the weather may say otherwise.


Disclaimer: All opinions and views expressed are my own. The data within this article is based upon a Web Perspectives “Hal-Con Survey” completed by 772 panelists.


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  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I’m not a fan of comics, science fiction, horror, manga or anything else in that line. However at least 2 of my children are big fans – both boys maybe that’s why?

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