Upcoming Disney Movies Scheduled For 2019 Releases

Upcoming Disney Movies Scheduled For 2019 Releases

Well, the good news for Disney movie fans is that there’ll be something new every month from March to August. Live action remakes, new animated sequels and the continuing Marvel Cinematic Universe, are packing 2019 full of family entertainment. Here’s a quick glance at all 2019 upcoming Disney movies with their release dates.

Upcoming Disney Movies Scheduled For 2019 Releases
Disney The Lion King ~ Photo Credit: Disney

Walt Disney Studios

Four upcoming Disney movies will be released this year by Walt Disney Studios. Three of these are live action adaptations of animated classics and one is a new franchise hopeful:

Upcoming Disney Movies Scheduled For 2019 Releases
Disney Dumbo ~ Photo Credit: Disney

Dumbo (March 29) is the first of three live action Disney remakes of animated classics this year. For those seeking a not-so-cookie-cutter adaptation, Tim Burton’s new feature may be the most innovative one we’ve seen thus far.

Aladdin (May 24) has had many people speculating based purely on casting. I’m very curious to see what Will Smith does with the role that Robin Williams made famous.

The Lion King (July 19) is the last of the 2019 Disney films to adapt a Disney animated classic. Based on the trailers so far, it looks to be the most faithfully crafted remake. The beautifully animated shots replaced with nearly identical computer generated ones.

Artemis Fowl (August 9) looks to be the next studio attempt to build a strong franchise off of a successful children’s book series. If this movie takes flight we can expect many more adventures from the world of Artemis Fowl.

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Frozen 2 (November 22) finally hits theatres in 2019. Following tradition the animation studios’ release will coincide with the holidays. It’s the second of two animated upcoming movies from Disney this year.


Penguins (April 19) another traditional theatrical outing is the Disneynature release on Earth Day. This year, the subject of the wildlife documentary series is penguins.


Toy Story 4 (June 21) After an epic final instalment of the original Toy Story trilogy, Pixar showed that Woody, Buzz and the gang have more to offer through a successful string of shorts and specials. Now a feature Toy Story film arrives in June, when Pixar typically releases their movies.


Two upcoming movies from Marvel are on the 2019 schedule this year. Both of them are going to be huge, even by Marvel standards:

Captain Marvel (March 8) marks a new milestone in the MCU and is a highly anticipated film not just because Carol Danvers is Marvel’s answer to DC’s Wonder Woman, but because this is such a dramatic and tense period for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Avengers Endgame (April 26) is nearly here. The conclusion following the massive cliffhanger in the last Avengers movie will mark the end of an era and hopefully answer all of our burning questions about the long running series of interconnected movie franchises.

I can’t wait to watch them all on the big screen!

Which movie(s) are you looking forward to the most and why?

Comment below!

Upcoming Disney Movies Scheduled For 2019 Releases
Upcoming Disney Movies Scheduled For 2019 Releases – Photo Credit: Disney

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  1. I am not sure how I feel about all these Disney films shot live action instead of animated. Even if they turn out well does that cheapen the animated ones?

  2. I’m looking forward to almost ALL of these movies, especially The Lion King. It’s going to be so visually beautiful.

  3. Great list of Disney movies for 2019. I can’t wait to see the lion king . It was one of my favourites as a kid . I want to see dumbo too , but I think it’s going to be pretty sad .

  4. I love Disney movie and we did see Dumbo and totally fell in love with the film. Can’t wait to see The Lion King because it is going to be so beautiful visually.


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