Two Day Road Trip to the East Cost with Kids

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The Murphy’s are going on a road trip to the east coast. Every two years we pack up the car and drive all the way to Prince Edward Island. Our starting point Ottawa, Ontario.

We’ve been doing this road trip since my oldest child now 5 years of age was 10 months old. People called us crazy. We were but I’m glad we did it as now it’s just a family tradition that the boys have grown to love. Now that my boys are 5 and 3 it makes travels a lot easier. There are no diapers, not bottles, no extra luggage. It was not easy when they where babies yet it was still an adventure.

This time around being 7 months pregnant and doing a long road trip may be a little different. Last time we went my oldest was just turning 3 and we brought is potty with us as we where in training mode. I think I may just need to bring on for this Mommy. (hhhaa) We always stop and spend the night just before we reach Halifax. We stay in Edmundston New Brunswick for the night. The boys love staying in a hotel it’s their “fun time” they get to go swimming and play games. Oh yes I bring things they don’t normally play with on a day-to-day basis. so they get excited. We do have a car travel DVD play so they do get some quiet time.

As for our plans for eating while traveling. I’m not a huge fan of fast food. Stop once for fast food and keep traveling your tummy can get a little bit upset or you just don’t feel right. What I do is pack up a cooler of healthy snacks, nice lunch and some goodies. I stay away from things that can be really sticky or just messy to eat.  We always find a nice park for the kids to run and play and burn off energy. Traveling with kids you have to make sure you’re in no rush and you will get to your destination when you get there. Take your time and enjoy the family vacation after all that’s what it is! VACATION TIME!!! No need to stress. I’ve been doing this now for 3 years. The first year was a trial and error traveling with one child who was 10 months old but we did it. Our second time we had a new addition to the family and I thought hey I traveled with a baby before I can do this again. Now the 3rd time it’s all good fun!!!  Wait till the next trip we can add a 1.5 year old to the mix.

Murphy’s cooler of food for our two-day road trip:


  • blueberries
  • strawberries
  • bananas
  • apples
  • goldfish
  • raisins
  • peanuts
  • bear paws


  • sub sandwiches
  • cold cuts
  • cheese
  • crackers
  • humus
  • apple sauce
  • yogurt


  • water
  • juice boxes

Things to have on hand:
napkins, wet face cloth, wipes, dish towel, plastic forks, knife, spoons

We always bring little toys at the park for after lunch kick around a ball, blow bubbles, we play I-spy, I bring a bag of street chalk if there is pavement and draw silly photos with the boys,

We’re looking forward to our little adventure out east!! Let me know about your summer family vacation! share your stories. I would love to hear them. Wishing everyone a wonderful summer!

Here are a few photos of our last road trip to PEI 🙂


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  1. Lynn M says:

    My boys love going to the beach on the east coast,mostly in Maine.

  2. kathy downey says:

    Love the photo,I live a 15 minute walk from the beach….beautiful in the summer

  3. kathy downey says:

    I love the lunches you packed,nice and healthy

  4. kathy downey says:

    We love living by the beach,the fresh air is amazing and the smell of the salt water is so refreshing

  5. Debbie White Beattie says:

    I’d love to go to the east coast because it looks so beautiful. Your packing is amazing when it comes to food

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