Turn Over a New Page this Year with DK Canada Books – Reviews

Turn Over a New Page this Year with DK Canada Books – Reviews

The New Year is upon us! We love making resolutions to try and better ourselves in some way, shape or form. Many of us are looking to care about our bodies. We want to look great and feel better inside an out! DK Canada wants us to Turn Over a New Page this Year and start our resolutions on the right foot! Since I am looking to do some self-maintenance, I chose to review the following titles:


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High Intensity Interval Training for Women

For a lot of people, getting into shape is one of the goals we have for ourselves once the New Year begins. I am always on the hunt for a great workout regime to help keep me in shape, especially with all of the indulging I have done over the holidays. I chose to check out High Intensity Interval Training for Women by Sean Bartram. High Intensity Interval Training (or HIIT) is a type of training many people like using because it helps to lose weight and get healthy quickly with short bursts of targeted exercise. This book provides detailed instructions along with workouts and multi-day programs that fit your fitness goals and are made to fit into your hectic schedule. The best part about HIIT training is that these exercises can be done anywhere!


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I could not wait to crack open the cover to this book and to start to get to work! I was happy to see that Bartram was up front with readers by letting them know what is involved in seeing results with HIIT. The titles of all of the exercises in each section are cute, and either make you giggle or shake your head because the name of said exercise appropriately describes what it is. The routines are easily laid out for readers to follow. It was great that Bertram had photos of exercises used for each of the routines so you can see if you are performing them correctly. My favourite part of this book was that Bertram had four different HIIT programs readers can try to lose weight and keep in shape.


DK Canada Turn Over a New Page HIIT 3-Day Program Ottawa Mommy Club


Energy Bites

Now that the workout is over, I enjoy having a bit of a pick-me-up to replenish my energy levels. Energy Bites is a book I wanted to have because I have been looking for snacks my family and I could enjoy looking through and find some of the healthy recipes to make and eat. Energy Bites shares 15 flavourful snacks that provide high protein to increase vitality and wellness in bite-sized balls. There are both bake and no-bake recipes found in this book for users to try. Step-by-step photos, explanations or cooking techniques and a unique infographic feature will get readers snacking on these healthy delights in no time.


DK CanadaTurn Over a New Page Easy Bites Cover Ottawa Mommy Club


Though Energy Bites only shares 15 fun recipes for readers to try, it does show how there are countless possibilities to be had with various food combinations. I loved how this book shares some of the best ingredients they feel should be used in these healthy snacks and how each of them help your body. There is also a simple guide within this book that shows just how easy it is to put together your own healthy bite-sized snacks. Finally, the recipes are a feast for the eyes, and the illustrations and instructions are easy to follow, so these tasty treats seem fun to make.


DK CanadaTurn Over a New Page Easy Bites Apple Pie Recipe 1 Ottawa Mommy Club


Now that winter has finally arrived, people are having fun doing and taking part in so many different sports and activities. From time to time, accidents happen and someone gets hurt. Even when the fun times occur indoors, there is always a chance for an injury, and it is great to have an idea of what to do when boo-boos, both big and small, happen. That is why I am glad I got to review First Aid Manual. It is a comprehensive guide that demonstrates how to treat people of all ages in an emergency. It incorporates the latest and best practices recommended by Canadian emergency physicians, as well as providing photos, illustrations and easy to follow instructions to help guide users through various situations.


DK CanadaTurn Over a New Page First Aid Manue Cover Ottawa Mommy Club


First Aid Manual

First Aid Manual is really easy to use. I loved that it educates users how to assess what kind of injury a person has (if they are not sure) and how to care for those injuries. There are also pages within each section that are dedicated to teaching users about certain functional systems in the human body to get a better understanding of how the body works. The flow charts that help readers assess certain injuries are really great at showing what you should to help an injured loved one. Nothing should replace calling for help in an emergency, but at least some assistance can be had the moment an injury happens with the help of First Aid Manual.


DK CanadaTurn Over a New Page First Aid Manual Heart Ottawa Mommy Club


I love that these books from the Turn Over a New Page Boutique from DK Canada are helping me to make a great start this New Year! The tips and guidance these titles give are fun and informative. I cannot wait to see the results I get from using them!

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Disclaimer: I received the aforementioned items in order write this review. The views expressed are my own.



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  1. My new years resolution is to better to myself. I have been slacking over the years and I need to remind myself to take care of me.

  2. I want to increase my activity level and meet my weekly goals of a number of steps increasing gradually. Drink more water and keep my diabetes well controlled.


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