Travel the World from Home with DK Canada Books – Reviews

Travel the World from Home with DK Canada Books – Reviews

Though I have not done enough of it in my lifetime, I LOVE traveling! There is something about the thought of getting away to other parts of the country or to exotic locales a world away that makes me want to pack my family’s bags and explore. When this is not possible, I turn to a good book to help escape from the comfort of my couch. I love that DK Canada has so many book boutiques to allow readers to travel the world without having to leave home! I reviewed books from three of their boutiques.

They were:
Birds of Canada
The Amazon
The Tea Book




Birds of Canada

Birds have always fascinated my family. We love watching all of our outdoor neighbours and seeing what kind of shenanigans they are getting themselves into as we gazed at them through our window. From time to time, we come across a species of bird we are unfamiliar with. That is why I am so happy I chose Birds of Canada to read with my family from DK Canada’s new Oh, Canada Boutique. It is a guide to all of the birds that are native and that visit our beautiful country. This book also provides information about the history of birds, aspects that make each family of birds different, and where they are commonly found or visit across Canada. My kids and I had a lot of fun seeing and learning about birds that we see every day, as well as birds that I have never seen before.




The Amazon

My kids really enjoyed looking and learning about different parts of South America in the book The Amazon from the updated Eyewitness Boutique of DK Canada. There was so much information to read, and plenty of beautiful photos to look at about the largest rainforest in the world. One of our favourite pages was the one devoted to the creepy-crawlies that inhabit the Amazon Rainforest. Every time we read this book, they always ask to go straight to these pages and see the butterflies, moths and other insects and bugs that make this part of the world so fascinating.  As a history lover, I also liked learning about the numerous myths and legends from this mysterious part of the world as I read this book.



The Tea Book

A piping cup of tea is not usually my first choice of a beverage, but I have always been curious about the tea world and all of the different colours and flavours that can be created from specific ingredients. That is why I had to choose The Tea Book by Linda Gaylard DK Canada’s Food and Drink Boutique. Gaylord shows readers just how fascinating the world of tea is from so many different perspectives. I loved learning about the many numerous types of tea flavours that are derived from one plant. It was also great to learn how different cultures put tea front and center for tea ceremonies. I was also surprised by all of the different beverages you can make from tea to entertain your friends with any time of the year!



If you enjoy to travel the world, then the books from these boutiques of DK Canada are sure to please any reader! They help you to explore everything from as close as your back door to exotic and remote areas on the other side of the world without packing a bag. Summer has become that much more fun with these books from DK Canada to read and enjoy!

For more information about any of these boutiques, or DK Canada, you can connect with them on their website, or on their Facebook or Twitter pages. You can also click on the buttons below to check out these great boutiques for some great summer reading!

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Disclaimer: I received these books from DK Canada in return for a review. The views expressed are my own.





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  1. I love tea. I’m not sure what my favourite is, but a few favourites include Irish breakfast, pumpkin chai, and blackcurrant.

  2. Love Tea – brought up in Ireland so of course it is like religion. Breakfast Barry’s Tea is the best & brings back great memories. But I will drink any type.

  3. I love tea but I’m more of a coffee gal. I drink coffee every day, at least one but usually two. I only drink about 3-4 cups of tea a week.

  4. I LOVE tea…so my favourites change constantly…current favourite is Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice. Tastes like red hots!

  5. I love tea. I like earl grey, chai spice, peppermint and plain green tea the most. Today Earl Grey is my favourite but other days it’s one of the other ones I listed.


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