Tired of What’s going around, coming around!

| February 26, 2013 | 2 Comments

sick-kid_lThat is it!  I have had it!

We are hopefully over and done with the last bit of “sickness” for the winter year.  The kids have had their share of sniffles and snuffles this season, not to mention the poops and the pukes.  I keep hearing, “oh ya, something is going around…”  I am sick of it!

I guess it is something to expect when you have a child that still puts everything in their mouth and another one that is going to school and is exposed to everything.  Its hard keeping their hands out of their mouth and reminding them about coughing into their elbow and not touching their faces after they have been on the bus, etc.  and yes I also know its good to expose them to this stuff, but I don’t like exposing myself to it either.

When I am sick- the city shuts down!

I just don’t function.  Nothing gets done around the house.  The place is a mess and I am a lump on the couch.  Now imagine last week, when the kids, the husband and myself were all sick.

I have decided that I need to put together some sort of emergency kit.  Just like an emergency earthquake kit,  only I would have everything the family needs to get by for 3 days in the event that I get sick and can’t function.  Now if my husband is also not functioning this is like a nuclear bomb went off in my house and the days to clean it up is like handling the fall out.  This kit would be able to take care of some of that or at least help!

I think the things in my kit would include simple basic snacks for the kids, including granola bars, crackers, “real fruit” strips.   Herbal Teas would be a must,  along with simple chicken noodle soups and Ramen noodles.  Some Bottled Juices and Juice boxes, Pedialyte and  Gatorade.  I am even considering getting a set of paper plates and cups so I can just throw them out.  I don’t have a dishwasher so this gets piled up quickly as you can imagine.

Making sure that all the medications in the house are in good supply and are not expired would be a good idea too!  It is not fun to find out at 3 am when your little one has a fever that there is no more grape flavored Tylenol.   It’s also not fun finding out that you are down to your last box of Kleenex or toilet paper.

What kind of things would you keep in your kit?  What are your necessities when you are sick?

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  1. A kit is a good idea. And I know what you mean, I feel like someone in my house has been sick every week since before Christmas.

  2. kathy downey says:

    A kit is a wonderful idea

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