Think About Regifting Your Electronics This Year! #ok2regift

Christmas is just around the corner, and you are hustling and bustling around trying to figure out what to get everyone you are buying gifts for this year. There is always that one person, sometimes it is someone in your family, that you have no clue about what to give them. Or maybe you like giving donations to charities, and sure, money is a great to give, but maybe you would like to give something they can use right away as well? The solution to this problem may be right under your nose…well actually right under your roof! Have you ever thought about regifting the electronics in your home?

Regifting the electronics in your home that you are no longer using is a great idea if you have something that your child, teen or someone you know who could use what you no longer need and would like to have it. You know, that cell phone you just upgraded a few months ago, that music device you no longer need, or that laptop that is a few years old are perfect ideas to regift to someone you know.

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I have been on both ends of the regifting situation where electronic devices are concerned. The laptop that is my “Family Treasure” was an older device that a friend of a friend no longer wanted, and my friend gave it to me when I was in desperate need of one. I regifted my old gaming console to my eldest daughter because she wanted it to play some of her favourite game on, and they did not create these games on the more current versions of consoles. I really appreciated my friend gave me the laptop, and my daughter still loves using this gaming console for the games she plays, and we did not mind that someone had once used them before we did.

Regifting is not limited to just giving electronic devices to people you know, either! If you have a device, yet you do not know who to give it to, you can regfit it to a charity or an organization that could use it to enrich the lives of the people they serve. That television in your basement that no one is using because you have upgraded it for a flat screen version, the stereo in your garage or back room that is collecting dust, or that older gaming console that has been cast aside when the newer version of it became available are all great ideas of electronics you may have around your home that could serve this purpose. It is a win-win situation: You are giving this holiday season to people in need of things you already have in your home, and you are not spending any money to do so!

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If you do have devices in your home that are obsolete or are at the end of their live, they may not be the best items to regift, but they can be seen as a gift. If you go to, you can find locations close to your home where you can drop off these devices that are around your home. How is this a gift, you ask? Well, it would be a gift to our environment. By dropping off your end of life electronics at one of these depots, you are saving manufacturers from having to take the materials found in these devices out of the earth as often as they do to make new devices, or having these devices just tossed away to add to the growing mounds of items in our landfills. Instead, valuable materials such as gold and copper can be taken out of these devices and reused to make other electronics, or these materials are not going to go to waste by sitting in a device that has eventually made its way to a landfill.

Just think: You can regift in so many different ways this holiday season! You can give electronic devices you no longer want to someone you know and would like them, you can make a donated gift of these devices to a charity or organization that could use them, or you can give our resources the gift of not harvesting materials out of the ground in order to make new devices by dropping them off at a depot after using! You see, it really is #oktoregift!

The Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) has a new and light-hearted video showing how regifting is a great idea to consider this year! Please watch and enjoy!


Happy regifting!

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  1. It sounds silly but I never thought to ‘regift’ electronics by donating them. Thanks for opening my eyes to that possibility.


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