The Original PlasmaCar: A Toy for Children of All Ages! #Review and #Giveaway #HolidayGiftGuide ~ CAN 12/18

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I was really excited when I was asked to review the PlasmaCar. When I told my eldest what we were going to be reviewing, she was more excited than I was! She had used this toy during her gym classes at school, and she was anxiously waiting for it to arrive at our door.

The Original PlasmaCar is a toy car like no other. It can move by the rider using the natural forces of inertia, centrifugal force, friction, and the rider themselves!  All the rider has to do is turn the steering wheel, and away it goes (the rider has to use their feet to stop the car, though)!  It does not need pedals or gears to keep the PlasmaCar in motion.

OMC PlasmaCar Pic 7

PlaSmart Inc., maker of the PlasmaCar, is a Canadian-based company that distributes smart, simple, educational toys for kids that assist with various  aspects of childhood development. In Decemeber, 2002, Timothy Kimber stumbled upon children testing a then unknown toy vehicle. Kimber liked how all the rider needed to do was use the steering wheel to make the car go, and found the seller of this toy. By 2003, Kimber created PlaSmart to distribute simple yet innovative toys, and had gained the rights within North America to distribute PlasmaCar.  By distributing remarkable yet effortless toys such as PlasmaCar, PlaSmart can be found in more than sixty countries around the world, and did so in a few short years, winning many awards for the toys it distributes along the way.

When it finally arrived, I wanted to take pictures of its assembly, but the biggest kid at my house, my boyfriend/partner, couldn’t wait to open it up and put it together (I received it as I was about to go out with my friends for a few hours). By the time I came home, all I heard was the roar of the wheels and loads of laughter as all four kids (three actual children and one adult) were taking turns riding on the PlasmaCar. My family just cannot get enough of PlasmaCar, and play on it daily!

PlasmaCar Collage Kids

There are so many aspects of PlasmaCar I really love! One of them are the foot grips it has on the front, so it allows for feet to stay on it easier, and hand grip at the back, so you can help younger children along until they can grasp the steering concept of the car. It took my younger daughter, who is a toddler, about a day to understand how to steer the PlasmaCar well enough not to have her older sister (who is twelve years-old), or one of us adults to guide her from behind. Our little guy is too young to be on it by himself, but he loves sharing a ride with his sisters!

PlasmaCar Collage Parts 2

We have not had a chance to test it outside yet, as our yard and driveway have been wet due to the change in weather. When spring finally shows signs of arriving, we will then convert the PlasmaCar from an indoor toy to one our children can enjoy outside for many hours to come!

Overall, PlaSmart has an amazing product in the PlasmaCar! Anyone in our home can use it (it can carry up to 220 lbs), you do not have to costantly propel the car with your feet, and it is light and fun to ride! The only problem we have is that we do not have a second PlasmaCar!

Enjoy the ride!

Disclosure: I received the above mentioned products to sample. All opinions are honest and my own.



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  1. Monique L. S. says:

    The minimum age is 3.

  2. Narathip Wall @ Learn to be a Mom says:

    Age 3+

  3. Darwin says:

    Minimum aga of 3.

  4. Haylie says:

    The minimum age is 3 years.

  5. Florence C says:

    Age 3 is the minimum age

  6. michelle says:

    age is 3+ – and I love that I can ride it too the weight restrictions allow for some momma fun after wee ones asleep lol

  7. Andrea Amy says:

    min age of 3 (which is perfect as my youngest son is 3!) 😀

  8. Suzanne G says:

    MInimum age is 3

  9. danielle t says:

    minimum age is 3 yrs

  10. Leanne says:

    3 years old

  11. Angela Mitchell says:


  12. shauna wyspianski says:

    Ages are for 3+

  13. Marianne says:

    3 🙂 I’m sure my 3 year old would love it.

  14. Amanda Neilson says:

    Minimum age is 3 :).

  15. Elnaz S says:

    The minimum age is 3!

  16. Julia C K says:

    Three years

  17. Jennifer Saarinen says:

    Ages 3+

  18. Erin W says:

    The minimum age is 3!

  19. Tara Jensen says:

    minimum age is 3 🙂

  20. Rene says:

    Age 3 – perfect! My daughter turned 3 in October. 😉

  21. Jennifer says:

    The minimum age is 3

  22. francine says:

    3+… I put the answer in the box and submitted it by accident instead of commenting properly.:(

  23. Saima says:

    Minimum age is 3. I just heard about this for the first time on the weekend at my local toy lending library. They just got the plasma car and all the kids want to take it out! My son would love this, and I think my husband would too since it can hold upto 220! lol

  24. Sambogi says:

    Minimum age is 3.

  25. Nicole B says:

    The minimum age is 3

  26. kristen visser says:

    age 3 is the minimum age

  27. caryn s says:

    the minimum age 3+

  28. Pam says:

    Minimum age is three – my 3yo son will be happy to know that!

  29. angela m says:

    The minimum age is 3 or over

  30. maegan delorme says:

    you have to be at least 3!

  31. Shawn M says:

    minimum age is 3yrs

  32. Angie says:

    The minimum age is 3.

  33. Pamalot says:

    the minimum age is 3 years

  34. Maggie says:

    It is for children 3 and up.

  35. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    The minimum age is 3 years old.

  36. Brandee H says:

    The minimum age is 3. My son loves playing with the plasma cars whenever he sees one ar Chapters!

  37. missbobloblaw says:

    Minimum age is 3.

  38. Lemon_Cupid says:

    3 is the minimum age

  39. Ninja Mommers says:

    Min age is 3

  40. Erika says:

    Minimum age is 3

  41. Charity says:

    age 3 — but my older kids are asking for them… they were booting around on them in a store at mall yesterday…lol… the get some good speed going!

  42. charityk says:

    ages 3 plus

  43. Amirah says:

    Minimum age is 3

  44. megan scogno says:

    Minimum age is 3. My daughter Mackenzie who’s three would love this

  45. Shelley Young says:

    It says ages 3 & up

  46. Danielle Lytwyn says:

    3 years old. This would be a perfect birthday present for my daughter who turns 3 in February.

  47. Crystal Englot says:

    The minimum age to ride a Plasmacar is 3 years old.

  48. thuy vu says:

    It is over three

  49. Sarah r says:

    Three years old.

  50. Jonnie says:

    The plasmacar is for 3+

  51. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    The minimum age is 3 years old. It also supports up to 220 lbs – which really is a lot for a children’s toy. 🙂

  52. Cate Brazil says:

    Although the min. age is 3, I know my 2 yr old will try to take it over from her older brother (4).

  53. Juliee Fitze says:

    Minimum age is 3+

  54. Sunshine G says:

    Ages 3 and up.

  55. Holly Wright says:

    3 years old

  56. Heidi C. says:

    Minimum age 3+

  57. michelle hebert says:


  58. Nancy T says:

    Silly me entered the answer in the box instead of my name!
    Age 3+

  59. Laura Dorion says:

    Age 3.

  60. Charity says:

    I’m so excited.. Thank you ottawa mommy club … Winning something anytime of year is wonderful.. But this time of year it just adds that like extra excitement and happiness.. I’m very Grateful … Merry Christmas everyone

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