The Movie Magic Has Left the Building

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Movies. I love them. There’s something magic about going to the movies. It’s a great escape. It’s a night out complete with treats like buttered popcorn, sodas too big to hold in one hand, pretzels and now froyo (yeah, froyo as in frozen yogurt). You can even get a deal if you go at the right time as going to the theatre can be super expensive. The before noon shows are cheap and then there’s “cheap” Tuesdays which isn’t that cheap anymore but it still offers a bit of a discount. There’s also the time I snuck in as a student but those days are way gone.

But I think the magic has left the building. Swept under the carpet or shoved somewhere in the deep bowels of those overused theatre seats where tired faux velvet fabric have seen better days and nights! I’m tired. I’m tired of having to strategically think out the best spot to sit so that I won’t become irritated with my neighbours. The prep for this is getting insane. The mapping of the theatre is honestly taking up too much time and I still don’t have the capacity of each theatre memorized yet….


I’m not just tired. I’m disappointed. Disappointed with the lack of common courtesy, etiquette and general manners of many movie goers. Let’s review. Feet on seats. Really? No one should have their feet on the seats or even worse BARE FEET. Why? I shouldn’t even have to answer that but I will just in case some don’t understand why. Because it’s gross and it’s a theatre rule! Why even more? Because the person sitting in front of you and beside your feet, doesn’t want the entire contents and germs from the ground in their face. I know, it’s hard to believe but ask anyone. Most are not into this! I’ve even experienced someone putting their feet on my seat, while I am sitting in it! Seriously, who or what things that is okay? At least  I’m not one of the afraid ones-I will tell you and I have. I resent it though. The idea that I have to turn around and tell you something so obvious….and then wonder if I am going to receive “kickbacks” throughout the rest of the film.

Texting. You might as well bring a miner’s light or your camp flashlight with you. What makes you think that everyone around you, especially right beside you or behind your can’t see or doesn’t get distracted by your damn phone light. Again, it’s against the rules. Oh, and by the way, why are you spending a gazillion dollars at the movies to text during it. I bet some of you are texting and driving too! If you are sitting near me I will tell you to  turn off your phone. I’m brave that way as I know that I always have the 17-year-old theatre worker only a holler away and willing to BACK ME UP on a moment’s notice. Again, that awkward moment where I have to tell you something obvious. I had to do it a few months back. I waited for the previews and 10 minutes into the movie and finally told this adult female that her phone was distracting and to stop. She looked at me in a puzzled way and so I said it again and pointed at her phone. She seemed surprised but she complied. Much better than the time when a “mature” lady went off on my then 16-year-old son when we asked her to stop. She offered to take both of us down….

Then there was the time when my friend and I were at the theatre with I think 3 other people. Someone was smoking up. The smell became overwhelming. We left to tell management. They conducted their company endorsed surveillance and determined that they couldn’t determine, out of the 3 moviegoers left in the theatre, who the culprit was. They further explained that they have to catch them in the act. So, we had to leave without seeing the end of the film. Disappointing and frustrating although we did leave with free passes for  a future film where we weren’t guaranteed an ending once again.

I love the movie experience too much to give it up but I am going to continue to be careful about when I go. I want to experience the movie magic again but I’m not sure the problems will ever go away or that staff can do much more about it. I’ll have to stick to off-peak times and sitting up front! I find that helps a lot!  It’s either that or renting out the entire theatre! Hey….

I’d love to hear your movie magic stories!

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  1. Fan R says:

    I like our Cineplex theaters around, usually nice people, but sometimes I see that irritating phone lights.

  2. kathy downey says:

    I know I can not believe people can not sit and watch a movie without that dang phone

  3. kathy downey says:

    I noticed that in our theatre these is a sign posted “We came to enjoy the movie Please turn off your phone”

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