The Great Adventure – 2014 Creative Arts Competition for Kids In Association with the Osgoode Medieval Festival

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This competition is open to any child up to and including the age of 16. Prizes are awarded in two categories: Creative writing and artwork!

The challenge:

You are a noble knight or a bold lady preparing for a great adventure! As everyone knows every adventure needs good preparation….

For writers under 12: Create a story of 200 words or less about planning an adventure.

The story should be set in medieval times. Identify the adventure and create a story about the planning and preparation required to make it a success.

Points to include:

What is the purpose of the adventure?

Who will you ask to join you? What skills and training will each of you need?

How will practical problems like food, transportation and accommodations be handled?

For artists under 12: Create a picture of the day of your adventure begins showing all the supplies you will carry (Don’t forget your map!) and the people who will accompany you.

Writers 12 to 16:

Throughout history many exploits have come to grief as a result of poor planning and preparation; a polar expedition is unprepared for extreme cold, an aviatrix disappears because she is unable to operate a radio to call for help….

Create a written piece (of 500 words or less), set in medieval times, which demonstrates the consequence of bad planning and poor preparation. The story may be humorous or serious; the nature of this exploit is entirely up to you.

For artists 12 – 16:

Create a poster advertising for participants in your grand adventure.

Points to include:

Identify your destination or purpose

What inducements will you use to entice people to join you?

Have fun with this!

The prizes:

Two prizes of a bag of the king’s gold will be awarded in each category –

Art for under 12, writing for under 12, art for ages12 -16, writing for ages 12 -16

1st prize: $30

2nd prize: $20

The rules:

* Entries must be postmarked by June 15, 2014. They do not have to be received by this date. * All entries must include a fully complete ENTRY FORM.*

* For children unable to write for any reason an adult may document their story for them. Please transcribe as accurately as possible. No editing! The transcriber must be identified.

* Entrants must be 16 or under at the time of the contest deadline.

* All entries must be original content.

* Multiple entries are allowed and can be mailed together in one envelope.

* Please staple one entry form to each story/art piece being submitted

* Entries may be handwritten or typed.

* No faxed or emailed entries will be accepted.

* Judging will be conducted by the King and Queen of The Kingdom of Osgoode with the guidance of knowledgeable advisors

* Winners will be announced on July 11, 2014(Education Day) at the Osgoode Medieval Festival

* Supporting documentation (maps, travel brochures, etc.) are encouraged but not required. Judging will be on the finished work only. Any additional material should be securely attached to the submission in a plastic sleeve or folder.

* Maximum story length – 200 words for under age 12, 500 words for age12 and older

* Artwork can include drawing, painting, fabric, collage or any other medium. It should be not exceed 24” x 36” and we must be able to easily display it on a wall.

* Prizes will be awarded based on the originality of the work and how well the contest theme has been addressed.


Writing Contest c/o Osgoode Medieval Festival Box 411 Osgoode, Ontario K0A 2W0

Good luck!

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  1. Victoria Ess says:

    Thanks for the heads up about the contest!! What a great way to encourage creativity in children.

  2. kathy downey says:

    I love competitions for children in writing and arts,its such a great learning experience

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