The GLAD Gruesome Challenge: A Ghoultastic Experiment

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Composting.  It’s a messy, yet necessary procedure in our home that, we in our family, cuts down the waste that finds its way to landfills and helps our environment.  That was why, when asked to take part in the GLAD® Gruesome Challenge, I jumped all over it!

What is the GLAD® Gruesome Challenge?  Well, my family was given the following items to test just how well the GLAD® compostable Bags work to make composting a less ghastly chore to take care of around our house:

  • A pack of the Small GLAD® compostable plastic bags;
  • A compostable bin to hold the bag;
  • A Gift Certificate; and
  • Instructions to conduct this Challenge.

GLAD Items Collage

We received a gift certificate in order to complete another part of the Gruesome Challenge.  We were  asked to buy a pumpkin, and to create a spookactular jack-o-lantern with it.  We were to then to place all of its insides inside of the GLAD® compostable bags to conduct this gruesome Challenge.  We had to let this compost stay for a about four days, then check the bin and report our findings!

We began this Challenge by putting everything we needed together…which was simply opening and placing the bag inside our compostable bin.  It only took a few seconds to accomplish!

Challenge Collage 1

We then got down to the business of cleaning out our pumpkin. My partner cut the top off of Jack (as I so lovingly called this pumpkin), so my eldest daughter and I could start scooping and cleaning it out.  While we were cleaning, we deposited Jack’s inner parts (minus the seeds) into our compostable bin.  Once any unusable parts of Jack were inside our bin, I place it under our sink, as this would be the best place for it to stay during this Challenge.  I was worried about this spot because there is a heating vent that brings heat into our kitchen that runs below this area, and I was crossing my fingers and toes that it wouldn’t ruin this Challenge.

Challenge Collage 2

On Day 4 of this Challenge, I took a look at the GLAD® compsotable bin, as well as the remnants of Jack’s inner parts within it.  Throughout this Challenge, I was taking sneak sniffs under the sink, and to my surprise, I didn’t smell anything!  I had to actually remind myself to actually look in to see how bad the smell was, and it wasn’t too bad.  My partner even forgot it was here until I told him about it, and he hates bad smells!  There was a bit of condensation on the lid and around the inside of the bin itself, but that may have due to the bin being under our sink by a heat source.  There was no leakage of the contents of the GLAD® compostable bag into the bin, either!  It held together throughout the Challenge.

Since the city of Ottawa does not allow for plastic bags to go into our Green Bins for disposal of compost, I deposited Jack’s inside parts inside the Green Bin,  then placed it into our regular trash bin.  Even though these bags are not to be used in my city’s Green Bins, at least they will decompose, so there will be less waste in our landfills.

After we cleaned Jack out, we had plenty of seeds left over.  What do you do with a bunch of pumpkin seeds?  Eat them, of course!  I had my eldest daughter rinse off the seeds to get rid of any sticky pumpkin inside parts lingering on the seeds.  We then sprinkled a bit of oil and salt on Jack’s seeds, then placed them in the oven to roast.  About a half an hour later, we had a really tasty treat!

Seeds Collage

What about the jack-o-lantern, you ask?  Well, this is where my partner took over, using his artistic talents.  Once Jack was hollowed out, he went straight to work, drawing a face on Jack’s shell, then got to work on the task of carving.  He made a mistake, cutting on the wrong side of the line he drew in order to create teeth, but Jack came out alright!  I think Jack is quite cute!  Jack kind of looks like it’s up to no good with the smirk my partner gave him.

Jack Collage

My family had an enchanted time conducting the GLAD® Gruesome Challenge!  It allowed us to ave more family time, and we found a new product to help us compost better in our home!  I would recommend the GLAD® compostable bags, especially if you are using them with a compostable bin.  They were easy to use, the bag didn’t decompose and leak into the bin, and we didn’t smell the compost.

Give the GLAD® compostable bags a try!  You can use this link to get coupons for GLAD® compostable bags –

Happy Halloween!

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  1. amy lovell says:

    Super cool thanks! I attempted to do a take on a transformer face last year. And let’s just say it was a epic fail! LOL

  2. kathy downey says:

    Thanks,i like to collect ideas thur the year !

  3. Bev says:

    I did know that Glad made compostable bags!

  4. kathy downey says:

    I am looking now for an easy pattern

  5. kathy downey says:

    This year I tried a simple pattern and failed so bad

  6. kathy downey says:

    Hope I can do better this year

  7. Wanda Tracey says:

    That is a great looking jack’o’lantern and thanks for sharing how to roast the pumpkin seeds.

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