The Cake Boss and Canadian Tire – A Family Affair

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buddy1On Monday, December 9th I had the honour of sitting down and speaking with Buddy Valastro, cake decorating expert and star of the TLC TV show, Cake Boss. Buddy was in town to promote his new line of bakeware exclusively available at Canadian Tire locations across Canada. The unique line offers a range of products from traditional bakeware and decorating tools to serving dishes and cake carriers. According to Buddy, the collection is designed to help home bakers have the tools they need to create quality baked goods.

When I asked Buddy why he chose to partner with Canadian Tire he said Canadian Tire felt like a natural fit for his products because it’s a store with solid roots and has a valued role in the community. For Buddy, Canadian Tire seems like a place that a family would go to do their household shopping and as such he felt together they could prove that, given the right tools, anyone can become a baker.Dec 2013 080

I asked Buddy what essential tool a novice cake decorator should have in their kitchen. His immediate answer was a turntable. He said it just makes decorating a cake that much easier.  He later showed me the decorating turntable available with Canadian Tire’s Cake Boss Baking Collection and I was impressed. Not only does it ease the pain of icing a cake, but the attractive turntable also locks making it a great cake stand to display the finished product.

I also asked Buddy why he felt it’s important to include kids in the kitchen.  He said baking helps build confidence in kids and can be memorable for everyone involved. He went on to mention how like Sunday night family suppers, baking together is another way to keep family together. I then asked Buddy what his first memory involving baking is. He recalled being about six years old and baking heart shaped cookies with his dad for his mom. He remembers putting sparkles on the cookies and the pride he felt in seeing the finished product and sharing them with his mom.

Dec 2013 081The Valastro family has been in the bakery business since 1963 when they bought Carlo’s Bakery. Buddy began working at the bakery when he was 11, alongside his father. Buddy obtained valuable baking knowledge from his father and now shares this knowledge with his own four children.

The only question Buddy was unable to answer with certainty was when I asked him to tell me, other than cakes, what is his favourite thing to bake? He said he enjoys baking everything offered in his bake shop: cannoli, pies, biscotti and of course, cakes. He said he and his staff take such pride in everything they bake that it’s hard to pick just one.

So, to simplify the question I asked him what is his favourite thing to bake with his kids? His answer was simple: chocolate chip cookies. He said there is nothing better than a warm chocolate chip cookie fresh out of the oven. I told him my husband would argue that snacking on the raw dough is better, to which he laughed and said he understands that too.

Dec 2013 077Buddy is truly a family man. His wife accompanied him on his trip to Ottawa, and the last time he was in Toronto he brought the entire family. It was upon hearing this that it made me glad I brought Buddy’s number one fan along with me, my mom. Buddy was so warm and welcoming to both of us that we could have sat and talked with him for hours. My mom even asked him if he had a good Christmas cake recipe to which they sat and talked about a German Christmas cake called Stollen that they bake at the bake shop. My mom even asked him which of his pans he recommends to bake it with to which Buddy went into great detail about the durability and uses for many of his baking pans available through Canadian Tire’s Cake Boss Baking Collection.

The baking collection really is impressive and there is something for every baker regardless of skill level. Buddy said they are hoping to expand on the collection in the new year and are thinking of adding fondant as well as other useful baking tools. So far my favourite products from the Canadian Tire’s Cake Boss Baking Collection include the metal cake carrier (I despise the plastic one I current use because it has melted the icing off my cakes before, something Buddy ensures me will not happen with the metal carrier) as well as the wood pie board with lip. This board has the measurements on it to make the perfect sized pie crust for CT_CDNTireany sized pie plate.  My mom’s favourite from the collection is the colour-coded measuring cups, which she says is perfect for someone like her who never has their glasses within reach when trying to read the numbers on a measuring cup.

I highly recommend everyone check out Buddy’s bakeware collection on the Canadian Tire website, if for no other reason than to watch his incredible instructional videos. He explains how to bake a cake from scratch as well as how easy it is to decorate a cake that looks like it was professionally done.  In the brief time my mom and I had with Buddy we learned so much, about himself, his family and of course, his baking. There is a reason they call him the Cake Boss, he knows his stuff – just ask my mom.


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  1. Freda Mans says:

    What a nice opportunity to meet Buddy and get pics!! I’m totally jealous!! I have one of his cookbooks and swear by it faithfully. He is awesome!

  2. Dreena says:

    That’s awesome! I really like Buddy from what I have seen of him on television. I also have a cookbook of his.
    Neat that Canadian Tire has his products.

  3. Saima says:

    Ahhh! I was so sad that I found out just 30 minutes after that fact that he was at the Canadian Tire on Innes 🙁 I so would have gone if I knew before! Sounds like you had fun meeting him. Love his show!

  4. Keith says:

    I really enjoyed reading this article. Excellent and awesome interview.
    Makes an all thumbs baker like myself feel I can turn a simple cake into a creation by using the Cake Boss tools and accessories.

  5. Fan R says:

    Nice selection of cake decorations, great to see all those at Canadian Tire, even lucky to meet Buddy and learn from professional.

  6. Heidi C. says:

    What a neat opportunity, meeting the Cake Boss! Sounds like a very interesting man!

  7. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    How exciting that must have been, especially for your mom, it’s a day she’ll not forget in a hurry. BTW Stollen is one of my favourite Christmas pastries, but it does have to have marzipan in it for it to taste really good 😉

  8. Brenda A says:

    Very attractive display! I will have to check it out next time I am in Canadian Tire. One of the cake turning wheels would make icing so much easier. I wish Cake Boss cakes were sold at CT too!

  9. Lynda Cook says:

    What an awesome display in that last picture, it’s a good thing I have no money or I’d be buying everything, one thing that I did want is the turntable but my Canadian Tire didn’t have it…booo

  10. kathy downey says:

    Canadian Tire has his products will check them out

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