The Body Shop’s All-In-One BB Cream – A Review and Giveaway ~ CAN 07/07

| June 12, 2014 | 77 Comments

all-in-one BB creamI am not one to wear a lot of makeup and when I do, I prefer makeup that is simple to apply, non-greasy, and leaves me looking and feeling great, which is why I jumped at the chance to review The Body Shop’s global best selling All-In-One BB Cream. The cream is touted as a “masterpiece of make-up and skincare combined.” It comes in four shades ranging from lightest to darkest and the colour is said to adjust to your skin tone. Being fair skinned I had my doubts this product would work well on me. Often, tone-matching products make me look more like a Simpson’s character than actually matching my skin tone.

The cream comes in a convenient 25 ml tube, which is a great size for travelling and to keep in your purse. The cream dispenses white, which allows for a more even application. The white quickly transforms into a foundation like moisturizer and feels non-greasy once dried. Overall, the feel of the product was just as I like – non greasy, and quick and easy to apply.

All-In-One BB Cream The All-In-One BB Cream claims to match your skin tone as your skin tans naturally from the heat of the summer sun. As a fair-skinned individual, who generally uses facial moisturizer that contains a minimum SPF 15, I was a bit turned off by this claim. I realize some women’s skin tone probably naturally darkens from everyday exposure to the outdoors, but mine does not because I take precautions to ensure I am fully protected from the sun’s UV rays. As well, because I am susceptible to skin cancer, I always make sure to wear moisturizers than contain SPF. So, because the All-In-One BB Cream does not contain SPF, even on the days I was testing this product, I still had to wear my regular daily moisturizer underneath. The only positive thing I can say about this is that my pores did not clog and my skin was still smooth and unblemished. So, if you’re like me and like wearing something with SPF on a daily basis, I suggest just using a sunscreen underneath the All-In-One cream.

My only other complaint would be that the lightest skin tone, 00, was still a bit dark for my complexion and the first time I used it I did appear more like a Simpson’s Character, but with a little practice and a little less product, I was able to even out my skin tone and make it appear more natural.

all-in-one BB creamWould I purchase this product again? Well, I probably would, but before I do I would like to test it against some drugstore brands to see how it rates in comparison. I liked the convenient size, the ease of application and the fact that it contains Community Fair Trade Marula Oil, sourced from the Eudafano Women’s Cooperative in Namibia, which benefits over 5,000 women in rural communities. The All-In-One BB Cream is an award winning product, having recently won the 2014 Product of the Year Canada award in the cosmetics category, so it is good, but there is definitely room for improvement. I would like to see it include a sunscreen as all as have a lighter finish for people who have a lighter than fair skin tone, such as myself.

Have you used an all-in-one cream before? Have you tried The Body Shop’s All-In-One BB Cream? I’d love to read your comments!

For more information on The Body Shop’s All-In-One BB Cream, including an instructional video on how to properly apply the All-In-One BB Cream, be sure to check out their website:

Disclosure: For the purposes of this review, I received the above mentioned products free of charge. All opinions are my own.


  The Body Shop’s All-In-One BB Cream GIVEWAY

Enter to Win 1 tube of All-In-One BB Cream (the shade of your choice) value $20!

Giveaway ends July 7th,  2014 at 11:59 EST.

Rules: Open to Canadian residents 18 +. You have 48  hours to reply by email once you are notified as the winner. If you don’t, we will draw another entry. Prize is non-transferable. No substitution or cash equivalent of prizes is permitted. The selected winner must correctly answer a mathematical question in order to win the prize mentioned above. The Ottawa Mommy Club is not responsible for prize fulfillment and for the delivery/shipment of the prize(s) mentioned above. For our complete set of rules, please click here.


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  1. Doreen Lamoureux says:

    I love the concealer stick and have used it for awhile. I would love to try this product though

  2. Victoria Ess says:

    I haven’t heard of it or tried it yet.

  3. Carol Denny says:

    Did not hear or try it

  4. Julie Dyer says:

    I hadn’t heard of The Body’s Shop’s all-in-one BB cream until I read your post but I would try it. I like their products.

  5. Vesper says:

    I have not tried the Body Shop ALL-IN-ONE BB CREAM before

  6. Jennifer says:

    Use it everyday.

  7. Joy says:

    i have neither heard nor tried it (but i would like to)!

  8. Erika Birrell says:

    I have not tried BB Cream, but I have CC cream!

  9. lori b says:

    had no idea that the body shop had this

  10. Maria says:

    I would love to try this out! I love body shop!

  11. Jenness M says:

    I haven’t tried the bb cream

  12. angela m says:

    I have never heard or tried the new ALL-IN-ONE BB CREAM from the body shop

  13. Jenny says:

    I love all of body shops products

  14. Jonnie says:

    I haven’t heard of or tried this but it sounds wonderful.

  15. andie says:

    I’ve heard of it and want to try it – just not in the average budget these next few months – this win would be great!

  16. Viv Sluys says:

    I didn’t know that the Body Shop had a BB cream. I’ve tried Jergens BB cream though.

  17. May says:

    This is the first time hearing about this and I would definitely like to give it a try!

  18. KD says:

    I have never heard of this cream until your blog post.

  19. Gizele says:

    I have never heard of it or tried it.

  20. Maegan Morin says:

    I have not tried it but I would love too! I didnt even know it existed!

  21. kristen visser says:

    i have not tried Body Shops All-in-one-bb cream

  22. Linda Cassidy says:

    I have not tried nor heard of, but now I am aware. Thanks

  23. Kim Morrison says:

    It’s Body Shop !! So it must be good!

  24. Michelle says:

    Haven’t heard of this but would like to try

  25. Narathip Wall @ Learn to be a Mom says:

    Haven’t tried yet.

  26. Susan Terendy says:

    I have heard of the BB cream but haven’t tried it yet. It looks like it might work for me though!

  27. Kayla Gilbert says:

    No, this is the first time I’m hearing about it.

  28. Elaine G says:

    I haven’t heard about it or tried it before.

  29. Angela says:

    Haven’t heard of it before! Thanks for the review and giveaway 🙂

  30. Emily L says:

    I’ve never heard of it or tried it before – would love to try it!

  31. Lisa Broderick says:

    I have heard of it but, like you, I have fair skin and do not like heavy make up so have been hesitant. I hope The Body Shop will give me a free tube of All-in-One BB and I will see how wonderful it is.

  32. nikki robak says:

    no I haven’t tried the all in one BB cream

  33. Darlene Wissenz says:

    No I have not heard of or tried the All in one bb cream

  34. Yuen C says:

    I have heard of it but never tried.

  35. Amy C says:

    I have not heard of or tried the Body Shop ALL-IN-ONE BB CREAM.

  36. holly o'gorman says:

    I had no idea The Body Shop has their own BB cream!

  37. Karla Sceviour says:

    no,I have never heard of it or tried it before.

  38. Darwin says:

    My wife has heard of it, but has yet to try it. She’s really interested in it.

  39. Courtney says:

    I haven’t heard of it or tried it

  40. D.Petch says:

    I have heard of it but have not tried it!

  41. DARLA says:

    heard of BB Cream never tried this one, thanks!

  42. Sunshine G says:

    I’ve heard of the type of product but not that particular brand – would love to try it!

  43. andie says:

    Have heard of it – would love to try…thanks.

  44. Eldon says:

    No I haven’t heard of it

  45. Robyn Bellefleur says:

    I haven’t heard of it or tried it yet.

  46. Andrea Amy says:

    No i haven’t heard of it (or tried it)

  47. Megan F. says:

    This is the first time I have heard of the BB creme by The Body Shop.

  48. Jennifer says:

    I have heard of BB cream, but not Body Shop’s cream, and I haven’t tried it.

  49. Karine says:

    I never heard of it or tried it, but I did try another brand BB cream and I love BB creams 🙂

  50. Erika E says:

    I had not heard of The Body Shop’s All-In-One BB Cream before.

  51. Hilary says:

    haven’t heard or tried it, but would like to!! Love their cocoa butter and tea tree products for pregnancy though : )

  52. Mae says:

    I’ve heard of it but not tried this BB cream

  53. Elaine R says:

    No,I have never tried the Body Shop’s BB Cream but Body Shop has a good reputation of having great products.

  54. Heidi C. says:

    I had not heard of this before now.

  55. kim D'Angelo says:

    I am so so excited to learn the Body Shop has a BB cream…
    off I go!

  56. Sandra says:

    I’ve seen this BB cream in their stores but have never tried it

  57. Karen E. Hill says:

    It has been ages since I have been in The Body Shop so no, I was unaware of this product

  58. donna snugglebuns dufresne says:

    thank you for the chance 🙂

  59. Sherry K says:

    I have not tried nor heard of the Body Shop BB Cream

  60. Sandy says:

    Haven’t seen this product but j would love to try it! Thanks for the chance!

  61. jan says:

    I have not tried it

  62. Kassandra says:

    I haven’t tried it ,but I would love to!

  63. Brandi Y. says:

    I have heard of it, but haven’t had the chance to try it yet 🙂

  64. Tamara says:

    I have not tried the BB cream, but I have found that most Body Shop products are very good. Much improved in recent years! I’d love to try!

  65. Brenda Penton says:

    I have never tried it before.

  66. Angela Mitchell says:

    I hadn’t heard of or tried the Body Shop BB Cream before.

  67. Sarah says:

    No didn’t realize they had it!

  68. darci says:

    i have never tried these particular items I would love to try them

  69. lori b says:

    i have never heard of the cream

  70. Karina H. says:

    I have heard of it but never tried it. I would love to though!

  71. Eldon says:

    No I have never tried or heard of it.

  72. Christa says:

    I have not heard of this cream, but I have used many other Body Shop make-up products. I swear by the Body Shop for many reasons. They are against animal testing, and I just love their products. For example, their mascara is not to be compared with anyone else. I cannot find anyone I like better. I would really like to try this BB cream. Looks really interesting how the colour doesn’t appear until the capsules burst upon application.

  73. Heather says:

    Haven’t heard of it at all – however have tried a ton of other brands of bb creams, currently using a matte one from Benefit Cosmetics and liking it!

  74. Megan F. says:

    I didn’t know until now that Body Shop carried BB creme. I haven’t tried any brand of BB creme yet.

  75. Tammy Dalley says:

    I havent heard of it

  76. Jennifer L. says:

    No, I haven’t heard of it before or tried it.

  77. Kim G. says:

    I haven’t heard of this before.

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