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The sound of stomping feet and exasperated shouts of my 5-year old are far too common these days as he tries to figure out how to deal with his everyday feelings of anger and frustration. The attitude I thought I was going to be spared from until the pre-teen years has arrived in full force.

It was a stroke of luck when the opportunity arose for me to review the products of the Mother Company. The books and DVD provided me with the ideal opportunity to teach my child how to deal better with his emotions and to help him identify his feelings.

Testimony to how much my child loves both the books and DVD: he watches the DVD several times a day and reads the books frequently.

A Little Book About Feelings2013-04-15_11.55.16

This book did an excellent job of describing not only what feelings are, but also how they work, how we feel them inside (achy versus warm), and how we express them. The book does not get into descriptions of specific feelings, but addresses feelings as a whole. Importantly, it teaches children that feelings are not permanent and change frequently — an idea that is key to developing emotional resiliency.

The language is simple and clear enough for a beginning reader to read on their own.

Sally Simon Simmons’ Super Frustrating Day2013-04-15_11.56.58

The colourful illustrations and fast-cadence of the rhyming in this book made it a fun read. The book was effective in describing what frustration feels like and some strategies to overcome it, such as taking a deep breath, going slow, and keep trying.

My only criticism is that it does not address what to do when you don’t succeed, or can’t have what is causing you the frustration.

My Feelings: An Activity Book

My FeelingsI can’t help be impressed by any activity book that keeps my five-year old’s attention for more than five minutes, let alone over an hour. He was immediately attracted to this book when it arrived at our house and was keen to work through it with me.

Working through the activity book was helpful for both my son and I. It helped my son learn new ways to identify feelings — such as hope and empathy. Also, doing the activities with my son helped me understand his feelings better and provided me with more insight into his world.

Although we finished the book, we still get to enjoy it was a keepsake book due to its high quality construction, attractive design, and hardcover. This one is definitely going into the mommy memento box!

Ruby’s Studio: The Friendship Show

2013-04-15_11.57.56This show was an immediate hit with my son. The lessons about what friendship is, how to make friends, dealing with disagreements and bullies, the importance of empathy, and the Golden Rule were presented through a combination of art activities, discussions with kids, animated shorts, and music videos. Each segment was short enough to keep my son’s attention and flowed smoothly into each other. He immediately requested to watch it a second time (and then a third) and was excited that we now owned the DVD.

The DVD offers a second version of the show that includes “parent pop-ups,” which are parenting tips related to the content that scroll along the bottom of the screen. Parents can easily watch this show with these on without their kids being distracted by them. They provide advice on how to talk to kids about the messages in the show and help them develop a better understanding of their feelings. I found this to be, perhaps, the most innovative of the features of this DVD.

The high quality of these products and their ability to help children develop their emotional literacy and resiliency make it clear that the Mother Company is living up to their motto “Helping Parents Raise Good People.”



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My Feelings Activity Book 
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Mother Company Children’s Books and DVD Giveaway

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