Take Playskool’s Play-Stow-Go Toys Wherever You Go!

Children, including babies and toddlers, love to play. Children need this form of activity for many reasons. Play allows babies to become stronger, improve their fine motor skills through sensory play. Playskool understands the importance of play for young children. Their new line of Play-Stow-Go toys encourage young children to be able to play on the go.



Why is it important for young children to develop their fine motor skills through sensory play? So they can perform functions such as grasping small objects, writing and fastening clothing. It also helps to develop their muscle strength, coordination and their sense of touch. Sensory play is vital for young children because it is through their senses that they explore their new world. They need to see, touch, taste, smell and make sounds so they can begin to understand the world around them.

Playskool’s Play-Stow-Go toys toys are bright and have many features and textures, stimulating a child’s senses. They encourage babies to explore their world by knocking over and re-placing, and picking up and shaking these durable, colourful toys.


Roll n gears car                                                           Dressy Kids Girl


Each of these toys are collapsible, so they are easy to take with you on the go. They entertain babies while developing their fine motor skills and sensory play just about anywhere. They are light-weight, making it easy for parents to carry many of them for young children to play. These toys can be stowed inside a stroller, or diaper bag, and can be clipped to hang on a backpack or purse and some even fit inside a jacket pocket! The Playskool Play-Stow-Go toys are also easy to clean. They can either be wiped down or are machine washable so a child can easily play with them over and over again.


Wobble n Go Friends Bug                                                       Wobble n Go


Start fun, creative and exploratory play for your young children with Playskool’s Play-Stow-Go toys. To learn more about each of the toys available in the Playskool Play-Stow-Go line of toys, you can visit their website.

“Although this post has been generously sponsored by Playskool, the opinions and language are my own.”

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  1. I think these toys are really cute but I love how these toys are designed to fold up and are easy to put away so your living space isn’t always cluttered

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