Snowy Adventures with Ski Lodge and Winter SUV Playsets Playmobil – Reviews

I will admit it. Winter is not my favourite season of the year. It is cold. It can be dark at times. And, boy, can it ever be icy! A great way I have found is to find fun activities that will help me embrace the chilly, bitter bite of winter. Playmobil Canada knows that there is a lot of fun that can be had during the coldest time of the year. They have put together a Winter Sports theme so kids big and small can have winter fun whenever they like! They asked my family if my kids would be able to swoosh into snowy adventures with their Ski Lodge and Winter SUV playsets. Both of my little ones were excited to see how much fun they could have without stepping outside.

Snowy Adventures with Ski Lodge and Winter SUV Playsets Playmobil – Reviews

Swoosh into Wintery Adventures with Playmobil Canada
Playmobil Winter Sports Ski Lodge and Winter SUV playsets.
A base for winter-themed adventures is key to having fun and for recharging at the end of the day. Playmobil’s Ski Lodge fits the bill for an amazing location for fun in the snow! Guests can getaway from the hustle and bustle of life and escape to the snowy mountain retreat to let loose.
Both Winter Sports sets were really easy to put together. My daughter helped to snap many of the pieces in place to bring the Ski Lodge and the Winter SUV to life.
One of my favourite aspects about Playmobil playsets are the little details put into each of them. From the stickers to breathe more life into a bigger piece of the set to the idea of having cutlery at a table, it is truly the little things that make Playmobil sets so much fun to play with.
Swoosh into Wintery Adventures with Playmobil Canada
Ski run sign at the front of Playmobil Ski Lodge.
There is so much for kids to enjoy when the Ski Lodge is ready to play with. The terrace is so welcoming! The fence separates the edge of the terrace from your playing surface, but the spaces between the fence give it an airy feeling so it does not feel as though it is completely closed off. When on the terrace, there is space for friends to enjoy a bite to eat or watch their kids having snowy fun.
Swoosh into Wintery Adventures with Playmobil Canada
Playmobil Ski Lodge terrace table with snacks.


Want to enjoy playing in the snow? The snowman was a perfect addition to this playset. Kids can remove and place the nose and arms to make their new snow friend look goofy, causing many giggles to be heard.
Swoosh into Wintery Adventures with Playmobil Canada
Playmobil Winter Sports character playing with a snowman.
When a breather is needed, the deck chair allows guests to rest and recharge until they are ready to hit the snow again.
Is the chill of winter becoming too much? Visitors to the Ski Lodge can enter the ski chalet to relax and unwind. A roaring wood-burning fire is crackling away and waiting to help warm up chilly guests.
Swoosh into Wintery Adventures with Playmobil Canada
Playmobil Winter Sports Ski Lodge interior fireplace.
The Lodge’s kitchen is also ready to serve up cozy winter treats and creamy, piping hot chocolate.
When it is time to turn in for the night, all guests have to do is climb the ladder to the upper level. There are beds and a washroom to help make bedtimes and mornings a fun affair.
Swoosh into Wintery Adventures with Playmobil Canada
Upper floor of the Playmobil Winter Sports Ski Lodge.
Are you worried about the car not being able to make it through the slick and snowy roads around the mountains? Playmobil’s Winter SUV set will help the visitors make it through the rough conditions and help them arrive safely to get their winter wonderland adventure! 
Swoosh into Wintery Adventures with Playmobil Canada
Playmobil Winter Sports characters outside of Winter SUV side view.
This Winter SUV is one that kids will love playing with. It is big, sturdy, and can be opened to store what is needed for an exciting winter getaway! The wheels are thick and can handle the bumps in the road that may be on the way to the Lodge. This vehicle fits two little friends comfortably. If it is a nice day, the roof can come off to catch some rays while enroute to your excursion.
More thought was put into the amount of fun kids could have with the details of this car. There is a roof rack that has a holder to carry mountain fun equipment and skis to make room for more things inside the car.
As well, each character comes with luggage and ski gear that can be stored in the roof carrier or in the back of the SUV. They may be little things, but they add up to a lot of thought and care to make this experience come to life.
My kids could not wait for me to get out of the way so they could start their winter fun adventures with Playmobil. They skied, ordered food and relaxed by the fire in the Lodge. Since we have a cat, the fireplace was the place to be while indoors.
Swoosh into Wintery Adventures with Playmobil Canada
Child’s hand putting skis on a Playmobil Winter Sports character.
Driving the Winter SUV was another highlight. The roof was off and  all of the characters wanted to get behind the wheel for a test drive. They played for hours without a care!
Overall, we are enjoying the rest of this chilly season with a lot of help from Playmobil! A new adventure can be had whenever this playset is brought out at playtime. The Ski Lodge is a fun place for the Playmobil friends to get together and have a fun in the snow, grab a bite to eat, warm up by the fire, and snuggle down for a good night’s rest. The Winter SUV is a fabulous addition to the Ski Lodge as it help the Playmobil friends bring everything they need for an amazing snowy adventure with them and to get around the mountains that the Ski Lodge is nestled in. Even though winter is coming to an end soon, it is good to know that we can always have a bit of this chilly season with us all year-round thanks to Playmobil!
Swoosh into Wintery Adventures with Playmobil Canada
Swoosh into Wintery Adventures with Playmobil Canada
Are you curious to see what other ways your children can swoosh into winter with Playmobil Canada? We found more fun items to add to our playsets on their website! We also connected with them on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube channels!

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  1. I would spend time both inside and outside the Playmobil Canada Winter Sports theme Ski Lodge. A day in the snow and warming up with hot chocolate. Looks like a lot of fun.

  2. My granddaughters and I would spent equal time indoors and outdoors with the Swoosh into Snowy Adventures with Playmobil

  3. If this was real I’d be inside with a cup of coffee in one hand and a interesting book in the other in front of a log burning fire. 🙂 If we’re actually talking about playing with this then I’d be able to ski, snowshoe, skate and snowboard all over the place – which of course is all fantasy. 🙂

  4. I would spend my time outside the Playmobil Canada Winter Sports theme Ski Lodge. My daughter wants to learn to snow board this year. What an awesome playset! It’s all in the details including the icicles, shovel, skis and more. 🙂

  5. It looks pretty cozy inside the lodge but pretty sure my little great grandkids would be out in the snow enjoying winter

  6. I know that the hockey playing grandson would love anything from the NHL series, the Playmobil NHL Arena Playset would be a great start.

  7. I’d love to spend time inside the Playmobil Canada Winter Sports theme Ski Lodge. It’s darling and would give us a nice break from -30 degree temperatures.

  8. 9024 NHL Calgary Flames Goalie would be fantastic for my grandson, they’re his team and he goes quite often to see them play.

  9. My grandchildren would enjoy set #9055 Arctic Expedition Headquarters. There are lots of things like a snowmobile and the cannons that they would have fun with.

  10. My grandson would also love to have all the team players from the Calgary Flames too, just a goalie isn’t enough to win a game, lol.

  11. I would spend my free time outside playing in the snow.
    Exploring the great outdoors in the SUV would be so much fun.

  12. My youngest would love the 1,2,3 Petting Zoo — Especially putting the bird in the tree, bunny in the burrow, and arranging all the fences!

  13. Me personally, I’d be in front of the fire reading a book and probably eating myself insane, drinking hot cocoa..yep, my kids would be outside snowboarding and skiing or on the tubing run

  14. Two of my other grandchildren play soccer and so they’d both love the ‘9298 Take Along 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Arena’

  15. The Zeddemore with Aqua Scooter product no.: 9387 would be a perfect gift for my grandchildren. They like Ghostbusters.

  16. Lucky’s Happy Home product no.: 9475 would be another great one for my granddaughter though she’s have to wait until July when it comes out, lol 🙂

  17. I believe that the Take Along 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Arena product no.: 9298 would be a big hit with my soccer playing grandkids.

  18. First my family and I would enjoy all the cool things to do outside the Playmobil Canada Winter Sports theme Ski Lodge then we would head indoors for lots more family fun

  19. My granddaughters would also love to have the 6518 Princess Castle Extension A to go with the Princess castle.

  20. I can’t imagine any boy not loving the Ladder Unit with Lights and Sound because the fire engine is really cool

  21. Of course they’ll want the other extension, the 6518 Princess Castle Extension B, to go with the Princess castle too.

  22. Then there’s the Furnished Children’s Hospital 6657 which my grandchildren would also love to have, mum’s a nurse.


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