Surviving Bed Rest!

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So, a few weeks ago, we had a little scare… It was Mother’s Day, to be exact, and I started having contractions. They were coming every 6-8 minutes and were pretty intense, but I couldn’t tell if these were normal Braxton hicks or something to actually worry about. I said to my husband, “lets just go to bed, they’ll only get worse if they are real.”

So we did just that. Went to bed. I slept through the night, as much as anyone can in the last trimester and by morning the contractions had (for the most part) stopped. I was experiencing some massive pressure and pain still, so we decided to call our OB and get his opinion. As expected, he suggested going into the hospital to the maternity triage floor* to get monitored and checked out for preterm labour. Let the long day of waiting begin! We arrived and went through the series of questions and got into a room.

For over a few hours I was hooked up to monitors with all sorts of bells and whistles. One for heat rate and another for contractions. I was registering contractions, but by the machines standards they were not worrisome. (Yeah, tell my body that..) I had a lovely exam…………… and the doctor determined there were no changes, BUT just to be safe, she had me go for an ultrasound the following day. So home we went, tired and sore. We went back the following day for the ultrasound, excited to see our little girl. OH YEAH! Did I mention we are having a baby girl! We are thrilled!

Check out this link to see how we announced the big news!

Well this day was nothing but full of disappointments all over again! We could see that our little girl was healthy, but she’s stubborn and is STILL in a transverse lie position. Charlotte’s head is under my right set of ribs with her body stretched downward to my left hip. Well, at least she is looking great and healthy. For me on the other hand, not so much, (sorry for the TMI) but my cervix isn’t cooperating! Instead of doing its job, it has decided it wants to be lazy and shorten and start funneling. LOVELY! So bed rest it is for me! I was told by the doctors that I am on low activity bed rest. Basically I’m allowed to get out of bed and go downstairs to my couch, get up to use the bathroom or grab a quick snack. YEAH RIGHT! Honestly how is this even a possibility?


I have an amazingly energetic two-year old boy at home… my husband works night shifts 3.5 nights a week so I’m basically on my own during those days………  What am I going to do!?

The doctors literally asked me if I could give my son to a family member until the end of my pregnancy. I was like UM NO…… ” Well we don’t want you picking him up, running after him, cooking, cleaning, living your life at all!” Well they didn’t say the last part, but that’s how it felt.

I was only 29 weeks at this point, clearly I knew I had to follow their orders. Our daughter would have a high chance of survival but would have a HUGE  fight on her hands if born that early. Never mind the chance of a giant list of issues. I was given a shot of a corticosteroid and a second shot 24 hours later to speed up Charlotte’s lung development. I was told it would mature her lungs by 2-3 weeks just in case. 
So homeward bound it was again.  Later that evening after a few phone calls, my sisters decided that they were going to take turns coming up to Ottawa to help us out. Honestly, you have no idea how huge of a relief this was. Not only would my home be taken care of, my son would have someone who was able to constantly keep up with him.



As you can expect any two-year old is just filled with never-ending energy, especially my little guy. I wish I could bottle his energy up and take some for myself. I have no clue how he does it half the time. How was I going to explain to him that mommy can’t play anymore. Thank goodness for aunties who can keep up!

A week or two went by and the help from my sisters has been amazing. I’m definitely not the type of person who likes to let others help me. (I’m working on it). The first week of bed rest didn’t work out. I just took it upon myself to do things like normal. BAD BAD BAD idea. Instant pain and contractions. After that I clearly felt a difference as to why I wasn’t supposed to, so I stopped. Marshall still asks to play with me everyday, but we have just adapted to a new way to play. His new favorite game is to teach his baby sister how to drive cars. What he’s actually doing is using my belly as a race track.  Not going to lie sometimes he’ll drive on my legs and I totally get  a free massage!  We have really dived deep into craft time. Painting and colouring, all activities mommy can participate in from the couch. Marshall seems to love it.

Happy daddy to be

The next doctors visit went surprisingly well. Charlotte is growing on track, at this appointment they said she was around 4.5lbs and looks healthy. The only downside to her scan was she is STILL in the same position. She does move around, just not the way I need her to… The technicians tell me she still has time to go head down, but that it’s becoming extremely more challenging with each passing week. So fingers crossed. A few more weeks went by and I was now 32 weeks. We headed back to the doctors again (at this point I’m basically going every week) another ultrasound. Charlotte’s is still transverse breech. Growing well, looking great. As for me there are no more changes! Things have actually improved!!! So looks like bed rest has actually been working. My doctors are keeping me on bed rest but have now given me a little more wiggle room. I am now allowed to go out, as long as I don’t walk or stand for too long. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! 


I jumped on that faster than a toddler with a chocolate bar. (Now I wish I actually had a chocolate bar….)

Being 32 weeks my husband and I decided it was probably a good idea to get our maternity shoot done. I didn’t want to lose out on this experience if she decided to come early. With my doctors approval we went forward with a shoot. With the help of my mom, we drove to a nice park and did part 1 of our shoot outside. This consisted of me sitting, then quickly standing for a few shots, and sitting back down again. We got a great set of photos and even our son cooperated! The next day we did part 2 in my husband’s home studio. This was much more enjoyable. My sister did my makeup and made me feel gorgeous! My husband didn’t really have to change much from his “normal” way of shooting. With the addition of a chair for me to sit on between shots, he was able to capture some breathtaking photos. 

Here is a look of what he was able to capture.  So as you can see, I am one happy camper. Tired and sore but happy.
I am now 33 weeks and heading to another appointment soon. I have ventured out a little since getting the AOK to do so, but I’m finding it increasingly challenging and painful. I used to be ok until I stood up and walked around, but as Charlotte grows I’m finding increased pain and pressure. I’m thanking the good lord for Netflix and Shomi because without it I’d probably have gone insane by now.



I guess my only real tips for surviving bed rest would be to make sure you have a good internet package, access to movies and tv shows. LOTS OF ICE CREAM (well not lots, but you know…. it helps) and a good support system. Like I said, I’m very bad at asking and accepting help, but that didn’t stop our friends and family from providing it. I am truly blessed to have such great people in our lives. Not only have they been there for emotional support, but for everything in-between. Not once have I had to worry about food, cooking, cleaning, company or child care. It has been a blessing and I hope all of you out there experiencing the same find yourselves as blessed as we have been.

As for the actual sitting around and waiting part, I just keep telling myself how worth it will be. You can do it, you can do it. I’ve made it this far! Here’s hoping for a few more weeks and that baby decides to flip for us!
Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Until next time,


So it seems my body is really wanting this baby to come, but won’t make up its mind. I recently just left the hospital after a 3 day stay for monitoring. My body wants to go into labour and is producing contractions every 13 minutes but apparently they are not strong enough (YET) to cause any changes. We have two weeks before our doctor tries to flip miss Charlotte. Depending on the outcome of that procedure we will be talking about a plan for birth. She may even decide to come before then. Fingers crossed my body just makes up its mind already.  This mama is increasingly tired and just ready for her baby.

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A number of years ago I went blind, and as a result found out I had Multiple Sclerosis. After my diagnosis, I attended a new high school for the visually impaired. That is where I met the love of my life, my husband Dylan. Dylan helped me get through becoming blind and find joy in life again. Shortly after graduating, we moved to Ottawa together and in December of 2011, we were married. A year later we welcomed our beautiful son Marshall to the world. In 2015, after two miscarriages we welcomed our beautiful rainbow baby Charlotte into the world. It hasn't been easy adjusting to being blind and living with M.S on a daily basis , and being a mom of two on top of everything. Life has been... lets say challenging! But oh so worth it!

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  1. kathy downey says:

    All the best on your delivery,I love the photos

  2. Christine says:

    Wishing you a safe delivery, and a beautiful and healthy baby Charlotte

  3. Anne Taylor says:

    Oh, I hope wee Charlotte decides to flip around for you! Wishing you all the best with your family!

  4. Emily says:

    I feel your pain!! I was put on bed rest at 27 weeks at the beginning of this past January with my twin pregnancy for the same reason as you. Bed rest sounds easy to people who don’t know, but it was honestly one of the hardest things I’ve ever done! And yes, when the dr. tells you you’re not allowed to care for your child (mine was 3 at the time), you kind of start to panic and wonder how in the world you’re going to survive! Thank goodness for family and friends! 🙂 My babies hung in there (literally! Haha) until I was induced at 37+2 , so I hope you can make it for several more weeks! Good luck!!

  5. beyondseeingwithcourtney says:

    thanks for all the well wishes!

    emily I’m so glad your babies made it to full term!
    actually before this post was published we welcomed our little girl to the world! on July 6th she was born via c section at 37+2 weeks:) everyone is happy and healthy! please stay tuned for the next post about her birth:)

  6. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    Good luck Courtney, I hope all goes well for you and baby and that baby turns before the birth 🙂

  7. kathy downey says:

    I love your posted photo,beautiful

  8. Fan R. says:

    Great story, so much encouragement and power in it. I like your professional photos, beautiful and the dress is fabulous!

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