Summertime Book Ideas with DK Canada – Reviews

Summertime Book Ideas with DK Canada – Reviews

It’s summertime, and my other half’s birthday is just around the corner. He is a hard person to choose a great gift for because he will go out and buy what he likes on the spur of the moment. One idea I had for choosing the perfect gift for him would be to look at his interests. I was looking at some summertime books ideas, so I was really happy when DK Canada asked me to review these books from their Gardening, Father’s Day and Superhero boutiques. Since he loves all three of these topics, I knew that my choices would put a smile on his face.

I chose three books that I knew my other half would love to have as a part of our family’s library. We received the following books:

Kitchen Gardening for Beginners
Batman: A Visual History




Kitchen Gardening for Beginners

I must admit, I kind of claimed Kitchen Gardening for Beginners for myself, as I have the “brown thumb” in our family, and I want to roll up my sleeves to grown some fruits and veggies to (sort of) get dirty in our backyard. My other half is our home’s resident gardener, and Kitchen Gardening for Beginners has so many tips and tricks on how to grow many types of fruits and vegetables in your yard. I like that this book is broken down so you can learn how to grow and care for fruits and veggies separately, so all of the information is not crammed together. The instructions are also easy to follow and some are even photographed so you can see what is being explained.



I chose Bonsai because my guy has always wanted to have a bonsai tree, yet he is the type that likes to do a lot of research before he buys what he wants. I thought that this book would be perfect for him to have as a reference so he can choose the best tree to pick for this new labour of love, and to see how to care and troubleshoot when he needs it. I also did not know about all of the different kinds of trees you are able to use to create these masterpieces, and this book shows various different types of trees being fashioned into bonsai trees.


Batman: A Visual History

The book my guy fell in love with was Batman: A Visual History. Since he is a huge Batman fan (well, we all are in our home), this book soon became a favourite to read after dinner with the family. It was so interesting to see how much Batman has evolved over the years, and how different artists have put their personal stamp on this popular Detective Comics (DC) character. We loved the prints that came as an added bonus to this book (they will be framed and put into his “office” soon). It was also fun to see so many of the DC comic book covers of this series, and to read some back stories into other DC Comics Batman and /or his entourage played a part in over the years! This book will be well loved by this family.


Another feature that I love with all of the DK Canada Books is that each book is so beautiful to read. The information each book provides is fantastic, but I have also found myself lost sometimes when I open books form DK Canada because the stories being told with the photos and the pictures they select for each book is really breath-taking. It is part of the fun of reading each time I open a new book from DK Canada to see what adventure I will stumble into.

So if you are still scratching your head for some fabulous summertime ideas to give to someone a special gift this summer, then look no further than DK Canada books. You will be surprised at the treasures you will find that they will enjoy reading.

For information about these books, boutiques or DK Canada, you can visit them on their website or you can connect with them on their Facebook and Twitter pages!

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Disclaimer: I received books from DK Canada in order to write this review. The views expressed are my own.



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  1. Lovely giveaway! I have lots of veggies in the back yard. This weekend will be getting the weeds out! A lot of work. I have a beautiful apple tree in the back too and I hope we can eat apples by Autumn. 🙂 So exciting! I love gardening. Have a beautiful weekend!

  2. I’ve got rhubarb, raspberries and blackberries in my backyard. Miss R has cucumbers, tomatoes, radishes, and carrots in pots on the front porch.

  3. I grow tomatoes and some herbs right now. I’m working on improving my garden area so I can grow more vegetables. I don’t have any fruit trees.

  4. This year I started a balcony garden with tomatoes, pepper, strawberries and herbs! I would love to do more next year though.

  5. I have a balcony only so I grow in containers only.I have a good mix of sun worshipping flowers like ageratum and zinnias.I also have parsley,mint and chives.I enjoy my fresh mescalin mix and look forward to red peppers later in August

  6. After living in a new house for 2 1/2 yrs with no garden the builder has closed our file! We are busy finding a landscaper to complete our garden – so far it’s just dirt unfortunately. When it’s done it will be mainly lawn with some flowers – it’s north facing and gets little sun. I miss a real garden with veg, herbs and fruit 🙁

  7. I don’t right now because we live in an apartment but we are buying a house next year and I hope to have a garden then.

  8. I don’t have access to a yard so unfortunately no, but i do plan to grow some herbs in our kitchen this fall.

  9. I would if I was able to. But I’m not growing anything and that makes me sad. There is no yard to speak of.

  10. I grow a garden every year and it’s one of the few things that I really look forward to. For the past 3 years, my kids have been helping out so it’s a family affair!

    Besos, Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

  11. for the first time, we have a small garden in our backyard – very exciting to watch things grow! (tomatoes, cukes, beans and peas!) we had our first cuke yesterday!

  12. I grow vegetables in my yard although this year it hasn’t been very successful. My peas and carrots didn’t make it but my hot weather plants (watermelon, tomatoes, peppers) are doing ok.

  13. My school age son is growing tomatoes from seeds started at school. We’ve replanted twice already, they are growing so fast. With any luck, we’ll have no shortage of tomatoes in the coming months.

  14. I have a huge brown thumb. I always promise myself each spring that I’m going to try to put in a small garden, bun never follow through. Maybe next year?


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