Stay Ahead of the Cold & Flu Season

It’s that time of year again! The time for sweater weather, runny noses, chills, and sore throats… Wait, that isn’t the fun part of Fall! You’ve guessed it: with Fall also comes the start of the cold and flu season! Luckily, there are plenty of easy ways to protect you and your family. By following these preventive steps, you’ll be able to say ahead of cold and flu season and fight every flu season with confidence and vigour!

Stay Ahead of the Cold & Flu Season #ChurchAndDwight
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1. Practice healthy eating

  • Maintaining a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables will help keep you healthy, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up and give your body all its recommended nutrients. To help keep pace with your hectic schedule, take a multivitamin to help support your immune system. If you’re like me and don’t particularly enjoy swallowing multiple or big pills, try Men’s or Women’s Vitafusion™ Multivitamin – they come in an easy-to-take gummy format and taste delicious!

2. Combat stress!

  • Stress can affect how your immune system functions and a weakened system can lead to colds and the flu. To keep your immune system strong, get plenty of rest and relax– not just when you’re sick!

3. Stay active 

  • It’s important to try and stay active every day! Taking a brisk 30 minute walk every day, or going to the gym multiple times a week will help keep your immune system strong and healthy. Exercise also has the added bonus of lowering your stress levels! It’s a win-win situation!

4. Wash your hands!!!

  • The best and most effective way to prevent the spread of germs, as simple as it might seem, is by washing your hands with warm water and a good hand soap! Hand washing effectively kills germs, but only if you follow the proper technique! Briefly rinsing and rubbing with a little soap will do very little in terms of prevention.
  • Remember to start by wetting your hands before using liquid hand soap, followed by lathering and rubbing for at least 15 seconds! (Helpful tip: sing Happy Birthday to yourself! Once the song is over, you’ve lathered enough!) Finally, rinse, towel or air dry, and then turn off the tap with your sleeve or towel. Ta-da! You’ve effectively washed your hands and prevented yourself and others from catching germs!

5. Rest and recuperate

  • Unless you were one of the lucky ones this fall who managed to avoid getting sick, you may have to spend a few weekends indoors resting. Keep plenty of tissue nearby, enjoy a movie marathon, and recover with Gravol™ Multi-symptom Cold & Fever.  This natural health product is an all-in-one anti-nauseant, pain reliever and fever reducer. The medicinal ingredients that make this formula so effective are the Ginger and Willow Bark extracts, which are traditional herbal medicines that have been used for centuries.

6. Drink plenty of fluids

  • An oldie but a goodie! Drinking plenty of fluids will help soothe your sore throat (especially if it feels dry), loosen up congested secretions, and assist in flushing out any bacteria in your system. Not only does it also help prevent dehydration, it will also replace fluids lost from a fever or respiratory infection.

7. Don’t be afraid to go see a doctor if needed!

  • The symptoms of various viruses and bacterial infections can often be very similar and confusing to differentiate, which is why it’s important to know when to see a doctor. If you don’t start to feel better after a few days, your symptoms worsen, or you happen to be in a high-risk group to develop flu symptoms, it’s time to consider booking an appointment with your family doctor. Better be safe than sorry, as the saying goes!

Bonus tip!

  • Antibiotics are great at fighting the bad bacteria that makes you sick, but for some women, they can also affect good bacteria (also known as vaginal flora) making them susceptible to bacterial vaginosis (BV), which causes discomfort, discharge and itching. If you’re prone to BV when taking a prescription medication, try RepHresh™ Pro-B Probiotic. Just 1 oral capsule daily while using oral antibiotics can help treat bacterial vaginosis and help maintain vaginal flora in a normal range.
Stay Ahead of the Cold & Flu Season #Church&Dwight
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As an added bonus, to help you stay ahead of the cold and flu season, feel free to print out this helpful infographic and post it on your refrigerator for constantly health tips and reminders!


To print the infographic in PDF, click on the photo below!

Stay Ahead of the Cold and Flu Season #Church&Dwight
Helpful Cold and Flu Infographic

What are some of your crazy cold and flu season stories? Share below!

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  1. helpful stuff. Prevention is key. I remember when I was sick for like a month straight, so weak I couldn’t get out of bed. That was many years ago but yes it sucks!

  2. I get a flu shot every year and will continue to do so. Last year one of my sons caught the flu (an adult) and he was so ill that I took him to the ER late one evening. I believe we got home at around 2 am. Fortunately it was just the flu but I’ve never seen anyone that ill from the flu.

  3. These are all really good tips. So far this winter I have avoided any colds or flu but now it seems like a lot of people I know are getting the flu!


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