Spring Spruce-Up for Your Home #AlwaysDiscreet

With all of the snow gone, it is finally time to thinking about welcoming sprint into our homes. It can be done in simple ways, or it can involve fun DIY projects to improve an area of your home. Here are some ideas you can use to give your home a spring spruce up!

A New Coat for Your Walls


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Are the walls in a particular room looking a little dreary or out-of-date? Try updating them with a new colour of paint! White, golden yellow, brown-themed neutrals, and soft and serene colours are some of the hot colours for people to use on their walls this year. Have a few walls to paint? Make a fun day of it by inviting family or friends over and make this chore into a fun get-together! The room could even look different by redoing the trim around your window and door frames to accomplish this task! It really is amazing what a bit of paint can do to give a room a new look.

Furniture Make Over!

Sometimes, a furniture fix-up is needed to breathe new life into a room this spring! A pop of colour could be added to a side table. Fix up a couch by reupholstering it or by simply adding spring coloured or themed pillows to it. Even giving a new tone to a nightstand by refinishing it with a different colour of varnish can make a world of difference to a space. Some of these fixes can be made into a weekend project to do outside now that the weather is improving.

Make Your Home Sparkle and Shine


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Spring is a time for new beginnings. It is also a time to freshen up areas of your home that make have been neglected over the long winter months. You could sort all of the clutter that has accumulated in your back room that has been stored there during the winter. Remove fingerprints from the walls of your home. Sort and donate unwanted clothing and devices to de-clutter your home. Give a shine to your windows, indoors and out, by giving them a good cleaning. All of these tasks can make your home feel newer and allow for spring to come into your home.

Make Your Uutdoor Living Space Your Oasis


Ottawa Mommy Club Always Discreet Yard Photo


Love life outside around your home? You may want to take a look at what needs to be done around your outdoor living space to make this area more welcoming this spring! You can expand or even stain your deck for making a “new” entertaining or living space. Plan out your veggie garden or flower beds to add more colour to your yard. Even little touches like simple accent pieces can do wonders to how you enjoy your outdoor living area!

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I hope that some of these tips will be useful in your spring spruce up! Just by adding some colour or changing things around in a room of your home can make a space look and feel new. These changes do not have to be drastic ones and they can make welcoming spring fun for you and your loved ones as well!

What changes would you make around your home to welcome spring this year?

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  1. We’re going to move our deck to a new location in the backyard, to take advantage of the garden the former owners used to have under it!

    I also plan to go through the shed and see what we don’t use and can donate.

    I’m going to go through our cleaning chemicals and see if some aren’t being used and should be brought to the hazardous waste site.

  2. I’m hoping to persuade my son, an adult, to clear up his mess around my apartment – that alone would make me better tempered and make the whole place look so much better. When he’s done that, then I want to do some painting, buy some new cupboards and hang up some new pictures.

  3. I am so looking forward to spring!! I as well have the urge to do some small projects to spruce up our house 🙂

  4. I can’t wait for spring first because it will mean winter is over but second I’m finally getting my house painted and its been 20 years so it really needs to be dine.


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