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All of my children have delicate skin, so when my 2 year-old son’s skin started showing some irritation due to either detergent or rough material against his skin, I cringed trying to figure out what product I could use to gently soothe his damaged skin that did not contain harsh chemicals. That is why I am glad I had the chance to review the AVEENO® Baby Daily Care products. Since I like using AVEENO® products, I was excited to give this line of body care a try on my son’s skin. 

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The AVEENO® Baby Daily Care Line is a combination of AVEENO® Baby Wash & Shampoo and AVEENO® Baby Lotion that work together to care for young skin. Both products contain ACTIVE NATURALS® oat which uses 5 vital nutrients to sooth and moisturize young skin. In order to see the best results from these products, they should be used together daily. These products are gentle enough to use on newborn baby skin and recommended to be used daily at bath time. 


When bath time finally rolled around, no one was more excited than me to see if the AVEENO® Baby Daily Care Line would be able to provide the care for my son’s skin that is promised on its bottles. I used the AVEENO® Baby Wash & Shampoo as both a body wash and as a shampoo. I added a squeeze of it to the bath water and agitated the water a bit to create some suds. It only took a few flicks of my wrists to see a fair bit of bubbles in our tub. I then added some of their favourite bath toys to add more fun to their bath. 


I really liked the smell of the AVEENO® Baby Wash & Shampoo. It has a light scent. It was a mix of soap and oatmeal. When I used this product on my son’s hair, it created a generous lather. As you can see, I had a lot of fun washing his hair, and he was not bothered by the shampoo or by me having fun playing with his hair! This product was also easy to wash out of my son’s hair. It only took a few cups of water to rinse his hair clean. I also used AVEENO® Baby Wash & Shampoo on skin as a body wash. I was happy to see that this product felt thick on my fingers, and it lathered well on the cloth I used to wash my son’s skin. I made sure to pay attention to the areas of my little guy’s skin that had been irritated and had dry patches on it to make sure this body wash was healing where it was needed most. Again, this product also rinsed off of his skin very well without much effort. 

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Once my son was toweled off, it was time to use the AVEENO® Baby Lotion on his skin. 


As with the body wash, this baby lotion was thick and rich. I liked the scent of this lotion as well. Again, it had a light cream scent, with a hint of oatmeal. I made sure to massage this lotion well into my son’s skin, making sure to work it into the areas where he had irritated and dry skin. I also liked that this lotion absorbed quickly, and that there was no oily or greasy residue left on his skin. 

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After a few days of using the AVEENO® Baby Daily Care Line, I noticed that my son’s skin was healing. The patches of irritated and dry skin were becoming less noticeable and it also felt softer and smoother. My little guy is even more excited when bath time rolls around because he knows he will get to help me take care of his skin. I will definitely be using this line of products on my son’s skin well after his skin has fully healed to keep his skin looking and feeling soft and smooth. Based on the results on my son’s skin, I think that the AVEENO® Baby Daily Care Line is the best natural choice for parents to use on their young child’s skin.

For more information on the AVEENO® Baby Daily Care Line or if you want to see what other parents have said or how they have rated these products, you can visit the AVEENO® website. 

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  1. Stephanie LaPlante says:

    Aveeno is an awesome brand!

    • Pieces of Me says:

      Hi Stephanie! I love using Aveeno products, especially this line for babies! It really works well for them!

  2. kathy downey says:

    I love using Aveeno products,they keep my hands so soft

  3. kathy downey says:

    First time this weekend using the baby products on my granddaughter,very nice products

  4. kathy downey says:

    Aveeno is now my favorite products,after using it for 2 weeks I love it

  5. Victoria Ess says:

    Everyone I know has positive things to say about this line!

  6. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I love the Aveeno products that I use so I’m sure that I would love these too. 🙂

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