So Dairy, Great For Fat Loss– Yeah Right!

| June 4, 2014 | 21 Comments

Dairy, tastes great, goes down really nice, smooth and creamy, and it’s good for you right?  What’s not to love.  There are very little bad things you can say about the dairy products that you grew up eating in mass quantities.  I mean its got protein and calcium, everything a growing boy or girl needs, right?  Well, I’m setting you up for a big fall or perhaps a big FAIL.  Dairy products are not that great for you when you want to lose fat.  Why?  How?  Am I the Anti-Christ.

Well, perhaps, but here are the reasons why dairy isn’t so great when you’re trying to lose weight.

dairy products don't help fat loss

Just take a look at all those carbs!

Dairy Products Are NOT Protein Sources

While it’s true, most dairy products are fairly high in a good quality protein, it’s a plain fact that most dairy products are loaded with more than just protein.  Check out some of the labels to the side.  You can see that most have about 4 to 18grams of protein per serving.  That’s not too shabby, however, you’ll also notice that you have a host of other macronutrients in there as well as protein.

Take a look at this yogurt for example.  Sure it has some protein, 5grams of it, but it’s definitely not as high in protein as a steak.  And it has 7 grams of carbohydrate.  That makes this a better carbohydrate source than a protein source.

Quick Tip: Whenever you consider protein sources, choose pure protein sources with very low carbs and minimal to moderate fat sources.  The ratio of protein to other macros should be above 85% of overall calories.  Like a chicken breast for example, nearly 30grams of quality protein, 0grams of carbs and 2grams of fat.  That’s a quality protein source.

What Do Dairy Products Do

fat loss with dairy

Milk it does a YOUNG body good!

Not only are dairy products loaded with many macronutrients in a concentrated source, they’re also very anabolic.  What do I mean by this?  It means that they’re very growth promoting.  Think about it, what do we feed our children by the buckets to help them grow up big and strong?  MILK.

Make sense doesn’t it.  In fact, babies that are breast fed generally tend to be stronger and grow faster than those fed bottled formulas.  So why is it that we rely on milk even after we’re supposedly weened off from it?  We’re the only animal that drinks milk after a certain time frame, even though most people can’t even handle it.

Dairy products, great when you’re young and growing.  Perhaps even one of the best post-workout drinks ever!  However, not so great when you’re an adult and aren’t really concerned with growing up as you are about growing wider.

To be fair, the sugars within dairy products lactose and galactose are hard for some people to digest as we age.  Many of us suffer from lactose intolerance, which is the lacking of a crucial enzyme to digest this sugar leaving us flatulent and very unpleasant to be around.  If you haven’t experienced this just give me like a cup of milk and leave me be for about 30 minutes.  Trust me, you won’t want to be around for long.

As with anything that we’re intolerant to it causes a nice little stressor within the body that causes some systemic inflammation, or it can, which makes it problematic to weight loss.  Some people even develop so much of an inflammation response that they stop losing weight altogether because there body is constantly under stress.  Funny huh?

fat loss with dairy products

And flavored varieties are even worse for you!

Oh But What About Calcium

Trust me ladies, you can get calcium from many other sources other than fortified dairy products.  Did you know that some of the best sources of calcium can be found in vegetables such as kale, spinach, turnip greens, garlic, rapini, mustard greens and sun dried tomatoes!  With a range of 96 – 210mg of Calcium per 100 gram serving.  With daily allowances ranging from about 1000-1200mg / day for adults having some nice green leafy salads twice a day should be able to maintain a fairly high calcium intake without the added calories from dairy products.

In addition to non-dairy sources of calcium you can also find calcium in sardines, almonds, seeds and several fruits.  You don’t need dairy products to give you the calcium you need to help thwart osteoporosis and other malignant diseases.

There you have it folks.  Time to start boosting up those levels of calcium with some nice green leafy veggies, some nuts and seeds, without the anabolic effect of dairy!

As the comments will soon come rolling in on how you will survive without your daily dose(s) of yogurt, cheese and milk the next time we’ll cover some dairy products that you can eat to help you lose weight, feel awesome and take back control of your body.  Until then, happy snacking and don’t think that dairy products is your cure for losing weight.  As much as dairy advocates would love you to believe, you’re not getting near as much benefit from that yogurt as you think, especially when you’re trying to lose weight.