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I was recently given the opportunity to review the Snackbox. What a marvelous service; to provide healthy snacks across the country year round.

I asked my son to come over and enjoy the snacks with me. we were amazed at how healthy and delicious each item was. The Snackbox can be ordered online at and it comes with three subscription types: 1 month for 33$, 3 months for 27$/month and, 6 months for 24$/month. All great deals considering the average 40$ retail value of each box. Each box is shipped right to your door, and the shipping fee is only 6.95 per subscription which, if you order the 6 month subscription, amounts to just over 1$ per pox.



 First item: Cocolico Toffee Coconut Dark Chocolate bar

This bar is pretty expensive on its own at 6$, but in this bx it was a great deal! When you bite into it, you can tell why it sells for 6$ because it was the smoothest dark chocolate- and its made in Canada to boot!


 Second item: Bella Viva Orchards Pear slices

These tasted better than fresh pears! They have no    additives, no preservatives, heck the only ingredient  is pears.  I don’t think I need to say anything else.


Third Item: Cocount Cream Larabar

If you like coconut then this is definitely a snack you’ll enjoy! Packed with delicious nuts and spices, this was a tasty gooey treat.


Fourth Item: Aurora Creations Gobi spice

 We haven’t yet tried this one, but the Snackbox came with a recipe for crispy spiced chickpeas,  using this spice mix- we’re probably going to try that. Another idea we have is to use it as a  popcorn  seasoning. If you buy it seperately, it can only be purchased online, and is the first ever USDA approved organic Indian grocery product in North America.


Fifth item: Blueberry mySmoothie 

 This smoothie was simple, sweet, and pretty delicious. I gave it to my son because he drinks  smoothies everyday. He was hoping for the ‘green’ smoothie that was in the snackbox guide but said that the blueberry one was satisfying and refreshing.


Sixth item: Enerjive Quinoa Skinny crackers

 These were a bit too hard for me (I don’t recommend them for people with dentures or who lack  teeth). They were quite well seasoned with sea salt though, and I probably would have enjoyed  them more if I had something nice to dip them in. On the bright side, they’re good for you and with  the right topping would be great served at a party.


Seventh item: La Fourmi Enticing Berry Symphony Snack Medley

 I don’t like dark chocolate at all, but I absolutely loved this mix! Filled with dried fruits, roasted  almonds, and chunks of dark chocolate, it was a perfect blend! I really enjoyed this snack, and its  great to take on the go! No sulphites too, so you’re in good hands.


Eighth item: Sensible Portions Garden Veggies Straws

These tasted like cool ranch Doritos and are great for dipping. My 3 year old nephew thinks they’re  french fries and dips them in ketchup, and the snack box guide recommended a Greek garlic  yoghurt dip.


Ninth item: Pirate’s BootyAged White Cheddar (Rice and Corn) Puffs

 My favourite item in the whole box. I could eat cases of these. They sell them at natural food  stores, I’ll have to visit some local stores because I’d replace all snacks in my diet with these. I was  a bit skeptical at first, they looked odd, but then I ate them so quickly that I can’t actually  remember what was odd about them. I’m hooked.


Tenth Item:  True to Nature Hemp Protein bar

Packed with 7 grams of protein, and loaded with tonnes of healthy ingredients like hemp,  quinoa, peanuts, etc, this is definitely tasty as far as protein bars go.

image (1)

Final item: Ito En Brewed Green Tea

 No added sugars, or flavours, this is green tea for those who enjoy green tea. No surprises or risky  ingredients, it is essentially cold tea. I gave it to my son to drink because I don’t particularly enjoy tea, but he liked it!

Overall this Snack Box is well worth the money. I cannot believe how healthy all these snacks are. The taste was an adventure for us to try. Delivery is quick and on time. Value is awesome. I would recommend  this Snack Box to all who want a taste experience , home delivery, and value.

You can visit for more information.

Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned products to review.  All opinions are honest and my own.

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