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I love sleep.  I do.  I saw a funny e-card that read something like: “Dear Naps: I’m sorry I was so mean to you in kindergarten”.  Cracked me up – because it was so true.

Before Little Man came along, I would sleep until the last possible second before I would have to get up, scrambling to make it to work on time.  I would hit that snooze button until it almost broke.

I think I love sleep even more now, because I get a lot less of it now.  First, breastfeeding on demand, then, life with a toddler – now, I often fall into bed dead tired because it’s been go-go-go all day. My mother used to tell me (when I was a sleeping-in teenager – and probably beyond) that she’d get more done in the early morning than I did all day.  I know what she means now. All too well.

I miss sleep.  Sometimes, on Saturday nights around 9 p.m., my husband and I lament the fact that, in another life, we would be napping so that we could go out until all hours, which would be followed by a LONG sleep into early Sunday afternoon, when we’d go to a local greasy spoon for a big brunch.

Those were the days.  Now, we still love sleep, but it’s sleep by necessity now – less of the sleep for luxury thing. Some days, the time between going to bed and getting up feels like minutes, not hours.

But this morning, when Little Man crawled into bed with us at (ugh) 6 a.m., per his usual routine,  with his Thomas train in one hand and his Rosie train in the other hand, and said, “Hi, Mommy, we want to snuggle with you,” I melted. Again.  Just like I do every single day. As with every morning, we snuggled and tickled and counted and sang for 45 minutes, time interspersed with kisses and cuddles.

Today, I didn’t want to go to work. I wanted to stay in bed with my Little Man all day, snuggling and playing.

There are days when I silently curse being awakened at an ungodly hour – and I grumble (sometimes not-so-silently) at my husband, who can sleep through most of these morning festivities – but it passes awfully quickly when I feel Little Man’s soft cheek against mine and his little arms hugging me tight.

I know these days are fleeting.  He won’t be snuggling like this with me forever.  So, I take what I can when I can.

It comes down to this – I love snuggling with my kid way more than I love sleep.

So, see ya someday later, sleep.  I have memories to make.


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Mommy Hen (Lisa) is a mommy to 4-year old “Little Man” and has been married to “Big Man” for 8 years. She also serves as Manager of Communications for Chicken Farmers of Canada, as well as being a Certified Crisis Management Consultant. She is deeply rooted in both professional and community theatre, as well, working as a theatre and music director for various theatre companies across Ottawa and having recently served as Chair of the Ottawa Fringe Festival. Mommy Hen is passionate about giving her family healthy, nutritious meals – quite a feat with a fussy son and a husband whose tastes have historically been pretty narrow. She’s also passionate about being an involved mom – meaning a constant struggle not to helicopter, but to be available, accessible and supportive of the village of teachers, daycare providers and other professionals that help her son be the best Little Man he can be.

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  1. Emily Linton says:

    This is a beautiful way to look at lack of sleep due to having kids! I haven’t quite reached where you are yet, but maybe that’s because my daughter (after 2.5 years) is still waking up several times a night… Haha!

  2. kathy downey says:

    My children are grown with their own families now,but I remember the times you are talking about

  3. kathy downey says:

    Now I can sleep whenever I want,but when they were young I thought I would never get a good nights sleep again

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