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I was a child of the ’80s. Bright colours, loud noises and fun and inventive products were flooding the shelves of the toy stores my family would go to when I was a little girl that, of course, I would stand in front of and would beg my mom to have. Now that I am a parent, I can now share the #FirstCrush I had for certain toys, both vintage and revamped versions, with my kids by finding them on! is a Canadian owned buy and sell site with local city sites such as You can find just about anything from any era to buy, or you can easily place an ad to sell just about anything on this website as well. This site is where I began my search for items I used to play with from my yesteryear with my kids!

I was so pleased to have found that there were so many toys, both remakes and originals, that sellers are willing to part with some of the toys I loved many moons ago. The first remake I saw was the Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Chatter Phone. Almost everyone I knew as a child had one, and they were so much fun to play with! It has those rollie pollie eyes, it made noise when it is pulled it along by its string, and it rings whenever you pull a number to dial it! I had hours of fun as a child pretending to call my siblings and imaginary people during important business conversations with this toy.


I also loved playing with Fisher Price’s Stacking Toy as a kid. It was fun to stack all of the rings together on the post and then take them off again to put them back on the post in different colour patterns over and over again! I actually had a few versions of this toy, and tried mixing and matching the different sets together to make even more colour combinations.

Stacking Toy-A

Finally, there was this record player from Fisher Price. My sister and I would listen to all of the records that came with this record player for hours, dancing and singing away with the nursery rhymes recorded on them. For being born in a digital age, my kids are huge LP fans, and they also love listening to music on our big record player. I know they would get the same kick out of having their own personal record player to play what we used to listen to as kids.

Record Player-A is such a great place to find items that brought about your #FirstCrush of a certain era and to then share these items with you loved ones! There are so many items for people who are looking to buy and sell that you could spend hours walking down Memory Lane looking at all of the items available on this 100% family friendly site. Below is a video produced by about just how easy it is to buy and sell items from any era on their website.

So the next time you are waxing poetic about a certain item from a time gone by to a loved one, maybe you should check to see if it is for sale, or place an ad to see if someone is willing to part with it. You’ll never know unless you try!



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  1. Cheryl says:

    I love the old fisher price toys. I still have my record player and my kids play with it. 🙂

  2. Brenda A says:

    I am incredibly nostalgic and love finding old, beloved toys and books in places like Good Will or Salvation Army. Memories come flooding back and I can clearly remember how and when I received that toy/book. I have a small collection of my childhood in a box in the basement!

  3. Stephanie LaPlante says:

    Some of these things bring back such good memories!

  4. Victoria Ess says:

    Oh my gosh that would be so fun to share with kids!

  5. kathy downey says:

    My first born had the Fisher Price’s Stacking Toy and the phone,and second had the record player and those were honestly the best toy out there when my kids were young

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