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ont_early_yearsWhen I had my baby Nina, I was given lots of information about the breastfeeding clinics and well baby drop in at the Early Years and Resource Centres in Ottawa. Both of these drop ins were extremely helpful for me. As a new mom, I had lots of questions about breastfeeding and pumping and the clinic had two lactation consultants on site to help with any issues you may have. I was even able to borrow a breastpump from them and best of all, all of it was free.

When I went to the Early Years Centre in Orleans for the breastfeeding clinics, I discovered that the Centre had so much more to offer than just those two clinics. Almost every day of the week there is a toy lending library which is great for borrowing toys for your baby. When Nina was a bit younger and I was focused on tummy time, I was able to borrow a Lamaze tummy time mat which helped a lot with her development. It was great to have the chance to try out the toy before going out and buying it.

The Early Years Centre also offers wonderful workshops and classes and once again they are all free. I went to a Salsa Babies class with Nina. Nina was in my baby carrier while I tried my hand at some salsa moves for almost an hour. It was great to work up a sweat and I know Nina really loved it. I actually ended up rocking her to sleep!  I also visited the centre  to join a baby massage workshop.

It is pretty great that the centres have all these things to offer for free but I wonder how many new mothers know about them. I know when I was at the hospital the clinics were well advertised but I didn’t know about all the other offerings until my baby was a few months old.

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