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| November 12, 2014 | 8 Comments

So, we just had Halloween. A time when people have fun with ghosts and zombies and all things frightening.

Since we’re on the topic of things that are frightening, let me tell you a tale.

I love taking pictures of the kids, and am delighted that today’s smart phones means I always have a camera with me to capture my kids’ precious moments… BUT…

sometimes I’ll see a great picture opportunity…

take the phone out…

press the “camera” icon…

and instead of getting the anticipated view of my adorable boys, I get…



The moral of the story is, Don’t leave your camera in ‘selfie’ mode. “EEK! It’s Death!… No wait, it’s me. I just haven’t had much sleep this week.”

Now there’s something that’ll give you nightmares.

Happy Belated Halloween!

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I am a lifelong (award-winning!) cartoonist and mother of two delightful boys, aged 7 and 5. I like to view today's adventures in parenting as material for tomorrow's cartoon. Looking at family life through "cartoon-coloured glasses" helps me keep the all-important sense of humour required for raising kids... even for the events that don't seem so funny at the time.

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  1. Judy Cowan says:

    lol…been there done that and it is usually not pretty! Happy Belated Halloween to you too!

  2. Victoria Ess says:

    Heh, I’ve had many of those moments before. Love the cartoon!

  3. cbrazil says:

    LOL – too funny! thanks for the laugh, I needed it 🙂

  4. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I had a good laugh on reading this. I know exactly what lack of sleep can do – custard in the pantry and sugar in the fridge instead of the other way round 🙂

  5. Cheryl says:

    Too funny!! My phone is terrible at talking selfies??!! Always adds 50lbs, wrinkles and bags??!!

  6. kathy downey says:

    Love the cartoon!

  7. kathy downey says:

    hahaha,i love you post alway brings a chuckle

  8. Debbie White Beattie says:

    lol This is a really funny post and selfie mode should definitely be turned off; been there !

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