Running Away For An Evening With The Shrine Circus!

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The Big Top was up at the RA Centre once again for the Shrine Circus’ annual visit to Canada’s capital! I decided to make this year’s trip to the Shrine Circus a “Ladies Night,” so I could spend some bonding time with my girls. It was my younger daughter’s first time attending an event such as a circus, so it would be interesting to watch her reactions to the acts she was going to see.

While waiting to be seated, my younger daughter was anxious about seeing all of the animals. I bought her an expandable ball to help keep her occupied.


Before the big show began inside, Ringmaster Richard Curtis announced that they would be shooting a man out of a canon outside for all to see! It was so exciting to see. We all watched as this brave man soared through the air and landed safely on the air pad across the lot from his canon.

Canon Collage

Before the show, I got my kids ready for the show by getting their “meal” together. We had hotdogs, popcorn, lemonade, water, and cotton candy. Both of my girls had never had this carnival treat before. My kids were fascinated by this wondrous treat.

Maya Cotton Candy1

 To entertain the audience before the show began, there was face painting and elephant rides available.


 Finally, the lights went down in the Big Top as the show was about to begin.


I have been to a few circus performances, but I have never been witness to one that involved romance as part of the show, especially at the beginning of the show! The guest Ringmaster had a surprise for his girlfriend and the audience as well. He took his girlfriend into the center of the ring and he proposed to her! She immediately accepted, and the Big Top went wild! This proposal made everyone more energized for the rest of the night’s performance.


 Here they are! These would be the performers for our night of fun and excitement.


 Throughout the evening, there were acts that displayed feats of strength and grace that I would love to try if ever given the chance!

Stength & Air Collage

 What would a circus be without wonderful animal acts! There were so many acts where horses put on some amazing stunts, and the elephants were pretty impressive, beyond their imposing size.

Animal Acts Collage

I could not forget about this daredevil act! He was so bold and daring. He even tried walking around the outside of this ring blindfolded! Again, I would want to try this feat, but I would want to see where I was going.


There were also many fun acts with clowns and goofy acts that made us laugh! This was my favourite funny act because they involved members of the audience to join in on the fun!


 Here are some of the reactions my girls had while watching the show.

 Girls Collage

Once the performers came out for their goodbyes, it was time to say so long to the Shrine Circus. My girls and I were a little reluctant to go, but it was time to go. All my younger daughter could speak about on our way home was how she wanted an elephant and a pony. I told her we could see the Shrine Circus again the next time it visits Ottawa. She was somewhat pleased with my statement. We had a great time at the Shrine Circus. Maybe next year when they are in town, we can bring my little guy so he can experience the fun and excitement that the Shrine Circus brings to their audiences!

Disclaimer: Although I was compensated with complimentary tickets for my evening at the Shrine Circus, all of the opinions expressed are honest and are my own.

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  1. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    I’ve never been to a Shrine Circus but it does sound quite delightful – loved the proposal too 🙂

  2. Judy Cowan says:

    I remember going to the circus as a child but have never been back since as an adult, maybe one of these years there will be one close to us that we can get to. Glad your girls had a good time.

    • Reese Speaks says:

      Thanks Judy! My girls and I had a wonderful time at this performance. I am lucky that we live close enough to attend the Shrine Circus. Maybe they will change their location next year so that you will be able to go!

  3. jaimeem says:

    looks like it was so much fun!

  4. Sharlene says:

    My kids have been on an elephant before – lots of fun!

  5. kathy downey says:

    I seen a Circus only has a child and I dn t believe they have ever been this way again

  6. kathy downey says:

    We going have the fair visit our town,these past 20 years or so just rides and games

  7. Tina F says:

    The Shrine Circus came to our area years ago and had not come back I took my kids two times and we have not been to a circus since

  8. Fan R. says:

    We like The Shrine Circus, so much fun for kids, saw their shows few times, without a proposal by the way. May be next time!

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