Review of Toopy and Binoo and the Marshmallow Moon

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The story begins, as those on the show, in the bedroom of Toopy and Binoo and soon moves from there to under the sea and finally to outer space. This musical features a series of song and dance numbers and very little dialogue – a key element in keeping the young audience engaged and entertained. There were surprisingly few meltdowns despite it being pas bedtime. The kids were fully enthralled as Toopy searched for his song along with his constant companion Binoo. Toopy and Binoo were joined on stage by well-known characters the black and white sheep as well as some new friends. The show was enjoyed equally by my five-year old as well as our two-year old companion.

The sets were minimal, allowing for quick changes that kept the show moving along. The backdrop featured a large screen where animated characters were incorporated into the show. The major set change was carried out during the intermission half-way through the hour long show. The intermission came just in time for a much needed bathroom break for my five year old.

Centrepointe Theatre was a good choice as the venue for the show. It is family friendly and has free parking. Booster seats were made available for the small children, however due to their popularity they disappeared quickly. Staff greeted the children enthusiastically as we made our way into the theatre. However, the ATM, the change machine, and one of the vending machines were out of order. There was no concession stand open during the intermission.

Of course, Toopy and Binoo items were for sale in the lobby. The prices ranged from $15 to $35 and included items such as plush characters, t-shirts, lunch boxes, a light up wand, and a book. Unfortunately, payment was in cash only.

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  1. Lindsay Williams says:

    How cute are they! I will have to keep an eye out for them in case they make an American debut! Baby Shark would love them!

  2. Maria Iemma says:

    I do not think I have ever heard of them…I like shows geared for kids that are not too expensive. The Disney shows are very nice but pricey.

  3. paula huie says:

    I would have loved to take my son!! maybe a little young at 20months lol

  4. kathy downey says:

    The kids here all loved Toopy and Binoo

  5. kathy downey says:

    Toopy and Binoo seems to be a big hit with most kids !!

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