REVIEW: ‘No Mess, No Stress’ Parties: Our Precious Princess Party

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This week my daughters, the ladies, turned 4. It was a big birthday. They know that being 4 means they get to go to school soon (which they are very excited about.) To them 4 is a ‘the big number.’

I knew I had to really show them a good time for this special birthday.

They are in love with princesses and asked if they could have a princess party. We decided to hire ‘no mess, no stress’ parties. 

The invite's Linda made for the party.

The invite’s Linda made for the party.

The owner, Linda Cybulski has an amazing repertoire with the children. They were entertained by her for 2 full hours. They stayed enthralled and content. She did a craft (they made magic mirrors), she did a story time (The Snow White story, that segwayed them into…), a science activity ( they made ‘poison apples’ in a big cauldron). They dressed up in dress up clothes that she brought and set up in a princess closet. She also played games (their favorite was a broom game in honor of Cinderella. They had to sweep a balloon into a hula hoop (They thought it was a riot!).  She did a scavenger hunt where the kids had pink feather dusters and had to search the room for princess and royalty figurines. She even brought out the parachute!

dusting game crafting parachute fun poison apples sweeping game chloe

The party was well worth the money I spent to hire Linda. She was so amazing to work with. Her decorations were out of this world. She had a carpet with flower petals leading in to the party, right to the girls thrones. She had 2 tables designed specifically for the girls favorite princesses, Snow White and Cinderella. She had a designated areas for craft, story, games and snack. She even had a an area with princess puzzles for the any kids who felt over whelmed and need a quiet time. This was all set up beautifully before we even arrived.  She really created a space that made my little ladies feel like princesses.

sissy eating eating cupcakes canty

All that was required of me was to be there for the whole party, to fill the loot bags (though she provided me with the decorated bags, I simple filled them with stickers, gummies and a cake pop) and to bring the food for snack time. She did EVERYTHING else. It was my kind of party. I was able to step back from the planning and running of a birthday party and simply enjoy my babies’ day. I was able to take great photos and watch their faces light up as they celebrated a day that will forever be in our memory. I highly recommend Linda and ‘no mess, no stress’ parties! She is professional and skilled. She is worth it!

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  1. Ali says:

    Pinning this, I have two birthdays coming up and need as little stress as possible. Thanks!

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