Reconnecting Made Fun with Mattel Games

Reconnecting Made Fun with Mattel Games

Games. They have a way of reconnecting family and friends when they are played. With all of the devices my children have become familiar with, getting my gang together is becoming more and more difficult. Mattel Games Canada wants families to reconnect with loved ones without the use of a screen. They asked my family if we would like to have some of their games to make reconnecting with each other fun! I love playing games, so I was really excited to start having family fun with these games!

Below are the games my family received to begin to reconnect with my family with Mattel Games Canada games:

  • UNO
  • Kerplunk
  • SkipBo
  • Blokus
  • DOS
  • Mad Gab
  • Pictionary
  • Apples To Apples
Reconnecting Made Fun with Mattel Games Canada
Mattel Games Canada games on an ottoman.

1-on-1 reconnecting fun

Having three kids is a lot of fun, but it can also make it difficult to be with each of them separately. Being able to reconnect with them one-on-one is fun. They each want special attention from us. Playing games helps us to have unique moments to cherish.

Nostalgic fun

My daughter loves card games. I have introduced her to a few card games I liked playing when I was her age. This is why I had to play UNO with her. This game is for players 2-4 ages 7+.

Reconnecting Made Fun with Mattel Games Canada
Hand picking up an UNO card.

This game was as much fun as I remembered it was. This game was easy for my girl to learn. She loves playing the action cards when she had them in her hand. Making up the rules for the open action cards was great to come up with and then play as well.

Losing our marbles

Siblings tend to make each other lose their minds when they are together. I had them play Kerplunk so they can have fun losing their marbles playing a game instead of their heads. This game is for 2-4 players ages 5+.

Reconnecting Made Fun with Mattel Games Canada
Kids playing Kerplunk game.

This game was a huge hit for them! Setting up the game is fun for both of them to do. They also enjoyed pulling out the sticks, hoping the marbles didn’t fall. Once the game ended, they were excited to set it back up so they can start playing again!

Trying to get things in order…

My younger daughter is beginning her journey into the wonder world of mathematics. One of the skills she is learning is how to put numbers in order. SkipBo helps players to get some order together by working together to place cards in numerical order. This game is for 2-6 players ages 7+.

Reconnecting Made Fun with Mattel Games Canada
Girls playing SkipBo at a table.

My daughters were excited to start playing this card came, but they had a hard time understanding the rules of this game. There are a lot of piles that were involved with this game that we had to deal with. My girls bonded over trying to play this game that we did not figure out how to play well.

Making things fit

Spatial awareness is a skill any of us can improve on. Playing Blokus together was so much fun for the two of us to play. This game is for players 2-4 ages 7+. 

Reconnecting Made Fun with Mattel Games Canada
Hand placing Blokus tile on game board.

My daughter and I really liked trying to figure out the best way to put our pieces onto the game board. We twisted and turned our pieces to make sure they had room to fit. Both of us cheered when were successful and giggled when the piece didn’t work in a space. We played Blokus over and over again!  

Blending two games into one?

Since my daughter and I had a blast playing UNO, we could not wait to crack open DOS to play! This game is for 2-4 players ages 7+.

Reconnecting Made Fun with Mattel Games Canada
DOS playing cards set up on a surface.

After going through the rules (I could be wrong about this), but I felt that it was blending of UNO and SkipBo. My daughter and I took our time getting through this game. Again, we had to contend with aspects we did not enjoy that we found with SkipBo, but we had fun trying to play.

Family game play fun

My kids are getting older and are starting on their own paths in their lives. I feel it is becoming a bit more difficult to find common interests between them. Playing games together allows us to enjoy time together on common ground. 

Speaking between the lines 

One of the few things my kids have in common is that they all love to talk. Sometimes, it is at the same time, so it can be hard to decipher what they are saying. For me, this made playing Mad Gab so much fun to play! This game is for 2+ players ages 13+.

Reconnecting Made Fun with Mattel Games Canada
Girls playing Mad Gab.

After having a few goes at trying to read each of the comically worded phrases, we were laughing so much at what we were saying! My younger daughter needed a bit of coaching when reading hers, but she really liked trying to guess what we were saying. My eldest and I love reading the phrases we had to guess, then seeing the reactions of others trying to work through what was said. We have fun whenever we bring out this game to play.

We are not artists, but…

All of my kids love to draw. They are always showing us pictures they create. Pictionary tests a player’s ability to communicate the word on the card to your partner or team using pictures. This game is for 2 teams ages 8+.

Reconnecting Made Fun with Mattel Games Canada
Kids playing Pictionary on a couch.

This game really put our drawing skills to light. The photos we drew were all over the map. Some were extremely good, while others left us laughing. I love the upgrade from paper to a wipe board. I wish a cloth came with this game to make cleaning the board after each round easier. All three of my kids and I could not get enough of this game! It is so much to play together.

Putting our imagination to the test

My kids all have big imaginations. They like telling stories about anything under the sun. Apples to Apples allows for their imaginations to soar to new sights. This game is for 4-10 players ages 8+.

Reconnecting Made Fun with Mattel Games Canada
Girls laughing while playing Apples To Apples.

This had to be our favourite game we received. My youngest daughter did not understand many of the words or terms she had to persuade us were the best fit for the word the judge chose for each round. We were so impressed with her ability to use her imagination to get us to believe what she was saying. Hearing the pitches each round made fall over laughing. We played this game for over two hours, trying to out do each other. The hints on the cards were helpful, but it was also fun to flounder with terms, too. This game is asked for every time we have family time together!

Having fun while reconnecting with games

These games from Mattel Games Canada really help to reconnect our family. The games we chose to play one-on-one allowed us to have some precious moments we usually do not get to have. We also enjoyed playing games we received together as a family. We laugh, play, and have so much fun with all of them. Family Time has become an even more anticipated time in our home because of them!

Reconnecting Made Fun with Mattel Games Canada
Reconnecting Made Fun with Mattel Games Canada

Curious to see what other fun games Mattel Games Canada has for families to #reconnectwithgames? We checked out their website and followed them on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages!

Disclaimer: I received items from Mattel Games Canada in order to write this review. The views I shared army own.

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  1. I would like to gift the Squawk™ – The Egg-Splosive Chicken Game to my granddaughter. I think she would have a lot of fun with it.

  2. I think the game from Mattel Games Canada that would help me reconnect with my family is Uno because I had always enjoyed playing it when I was a child. It would be so ni e to play it again today with my children.

  3. There are so many wonderful games that I could choose one for every member of the family.My nephew would really enjoy the Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots® Batman v Superman™ Edition.

  4. I would love to gift Squawk™ – The Egg-Splosive Chicken Game to my kids for Easter. I think they would really love that game.

  5. The Marvel Avengers Magic 8 Ball® is one of the coolest games. I can think of a few different people in my family who would get hours of enjoyment from this one.

  6. Playchest Games Go Fish would make a good gift for some of my grandchildren. It is for ages 3+ so only my very youngest grandchild would not be able to play it now.

  7. Pictionary would be a good one for my grandkids. We recently played something similar where you wore the pen on the end of your nose, the kids loved it but it was difficult to draw decently I must admit and that’s frustrating for kids.

  8. I think if I gave my grandchildren the game Flushin’ Frenzy™ – Funny Toilet Game For Kids that there would be a lot of laughter as they all played together.

  9. Bloxels Star Wars is one I’d love to gift my grandchildren, they’re huge Star Wars fans so this would be great for them.


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