Priorities Change When You have a Child

This week at work has been a bit of a challenge. My role has changed in that I am an occasional teacher again, but work mostly exclusive to one school. On Monday, I was not able to pick up a job because my son’s daycare closed because of a fever outbreak. I thought all was good on Tuesday, so Daddy dropped him off. After being at work for only ten minutes and just getting settled in the room, I received¬†a phone call saying that Daddy thought it was an unwise decision to have Max at daycare and I was to come home.

A range of emotions came over me. I was upset that the daycare situation was not resolved and that I would be missing out on a day’s pay (again). The Mom in me was also concerned about the little girls at the home daycare and that a mass illness would travel through the small group yet again. But mostly I felt unreliable and stupid because I had to go to the office and say I had to go home. I felt like a big disappointment. My administrators were not concerned at all (two have young children themselves), but it was hard to shake the unreliable feeling.

If “workaholic” was a condition that could be diagnosed, I am pretty sure that I would fall under that category. I love my work and wish (on some days) that I could work more. However, ever since my son ¬†was born, work has not been front and centre. Work is still important, but it is not the front and centre of my life anymore. My family is. Many days I wish that I could work more intently on my lesson plans, go to conferences and blog more; but there just isn’t the time. I want to make sure that my son has great days full of adventure and fun. So, even though I could easily throw some toys and work on my laptop, it is more important that I take Max to the park so he can go on the slide twenty times before bed.

So on the unexpected day off. Max and I had a dance party, ate some pizza and played all afternoon. It was a great day.


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