Pretty in Pink Polka Dot Glam

Well, I’m happy to let you know that our little guy is officially out of his crib and doing pretty well bunking in with his big brother. The bunk beds are a hit and I think they made the transition from crib to bed easier. Our baby girl needed a place to rest her head (she was getting a little long for that bassinet) and I knew that I wanted polka dots in her room.

Enter in a DIY!

Here’s what you need:
– Polka Dot decals. I ordered mine from Etsy (urbanwalls). They were priced right, came quickly, although I will say their customer service was only so-so when I emailed them and never heard back. Hmmm. Ah well, the product is worth it!
– scissors
– measuring level
– pencil

Here’s How to Do it!!
1. Paint the wall the colour you want the background to be. We chose Benjamin Moore Ballerina Pink. It’s soft, fresh and girly.

From Benjamin Moore – Sidewalk Grey

IMG_3252 (Small)

  Benjamin Moore – Ballerina Pink


2. Decide how far apart you want your polka dots.  We found the easiest way was to measure the distance on the level and put a pencil mark on the level. That way you can move your level across the wall equal distances.


 Measuring was Mr. Fix-it’s job 🙂


 3. Make an “X” where you want the middle of the polka dot to go. Measuring out the dots definitely takes the longest amount of time in this project.


 4. Place the centre of the dots on the wall over the “X”.



 5. Slowly peel away the backing and VOILA!!

7224e691e56f41b4a37981380e3281c8 - Copy

A fresh.fabulous.sophisticated polka dot wall for our baby girl! Isn’t it cute? I’m in polka dot heaven. These polka dots come in a bunch of different colours. I really love how it looks like they are painted on the wall instead of a sticker.


 Have you used polka dots in your house? Do you love them? Where have you used them?

Keep it Beautiful.


Keep it Beautiful
Together with my hubby, we're working on renovating our 1920's house that we purchased in 2010 in a downtown neighbourhood in Ottawa, ON. The house was in need of mega love, complete with variations of bad wallpaper and peeling vinyl flooring. However, we were up to the challenge.I am the Mommy to a 5 year old, a 2 year old and baby girl who keep me on my toes. My hubby is armed with the tools and is the magic in building my crazy design ideas.In come the realities of renovating, budget, time and kids are things that many of us have to work with. I write about creating beautiful spaces that are everyday friendly, with easy DIYs which then leave room for splurges and I hope to inspire you to do the same.

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  1. That wall is beautiful and the dots are amazing. I’ve never seen these before. Do they come in different colours and Are they easy to remove ?

    • The blogger that wrote the article is no longer with OMC, but having use similar ones, they are usually just pell off and apply. They can be removed easily.


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