Postpartum Progress’ Climb Out of the Darkness 2015

| June 2, 2015 | 7 Comments

Happy celebrating winning success woman at sunset or sunrise standing elated with arms raised up above her head in celebration of having reached mountain top summit goal during hiking travel trek.

Happy celebrating winning success woman at sunset or sunrise standing elated with arms raised up above her head in celebration of having reached mountain top summit goal during hiking travel trek.

Postpartum Progress will be represented in Ottawa at a fundraising event called Climb Out of the Darkness.

Postpartum Progress is a nonprofit organization. Each year the board elects to donate a percentage of funds raised by Climbs held in selected states / provinces to local, independent, registered nonprofit organizations that provide direct services, such as support groups, or that lead community network development (building up systems of referral between OBs/pediatricians/PCPs or hospitals and reproductive psychiatry specialists). They believe it is important to support local organizations that are truly making a difference directly for moms in their communities.

To many women they are literally life savers.

Canadians make up the third largest audience after US and UK. This year 15% of the funds raised by Ontario team Climbs will be allocated to Life With A Baby.

Climb Out of the Darkness is the world’s largest event raising awareness of postpartum depression, anxiety, PTSD, psychosis and pregnancy depression. The event was created by and benefits Postpartum Progress Inc., a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization that raises awareness and supports pregnant and new moms with these illnesses.  Women around the world participate in this grassroots event by going on a hike outside on the longest day of the year to shine a light on PPD and related illnesses. The event is open to anyone and everyone who supports our cause. 


As a survivor of Postpartum Depression, this cause that is extremely important to me. I am the one in seven that was struck down by an illness beyond my control. Through peer to peer support from Postpartum Progress and medical help I was able to overcome it.

I am reaching out to the community of mothers in Ottawa who will assist me in shining a light on postpartum depression and all other mental illnesses related to pregnancy and childbirth. 

If you’re a survivor, celebrate your triumph. If you’re struggling, honor that struggle. Let’s make sure moms get the information and support they need. If you are a business who is interested in sponsoring our climb in anyway, we would greatly appreciate your support and presence.

If you are interested in joining our Ottawa team, or to simply make a donation, please go to or

This will take place at the Mer Bleue Bog in Orléans on Saturday June 2oth with walkers and warriors gathering at 10:30am to start our short, but significant, walk through the bog at 11am. This will be followed by a BYO picnic lunch on site.

You can contact Dee Gemme, at with any questions you may have.

“I have seen the dark side and survived the dark side. 

I have climbed out to the other side.

I beat the darkness and I have seen the light.

This is for all the women still fighting the darkness, living in hope for lighter days.

I am hope. I am the other side. It does get better. You are not alone”

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  1. kathy downey says:

    Wow,such a great program

  2. KD says:

    This is a wonderful initiative! I had the “baby blues” for the first week postpartum and was afraid it would morph into postpartum depression. I didn’t, but I’ve had full-blown depression in the past and know how devastating that can be. Dealing with that while dealing with a newborn would be even more challenging!

    THanks for sharing this and getting the word out!

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen says:

    This is definitely a really good cause. A lot of people can’t understand how a new mother can become depressed after giving birth, it happens however far more often than you’d think. It is debilitating and these women need help to stay on top of it. It is tough enough with a new born that needs caring for but if postpartum depression is added to that it can be life threatening.

  4. kathy downey says:

    Depression is so serious no matter what triggers it

  5. heidi c. says:

    I had quite severe postpartum depression after my first pregnancy and it was quite challenging. With medication and weekly counselling along with regular visits from Public Health, I made it through. But I know that for some women, they feel ashamed or alone or unable to seek help so I am so glad that awareness is being raised about this issue.

  6. Anne Taylor says:

    Truly an important initiative. So many women suffer from postpartum depression! Thanks for the info!

  7. loriag says:

    It is so good to raise awareness of postpartum depression. There is just no need to suffer and feel alone.

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