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View from shaded area of porch
View from shaded area of porch

I’m sitting on the porch writing and realizing how much nicer it is to sit outside and read, write or just relax and take in everything Mother Nature has to offer-especially after a long Ottawa winter (they are all long to me so don’t go comparing and sending me centimetre snow counts and more:).

There’s so much to be inspired by outside and like our inside space, it’s just as important to carve out a little comfy spot just for you, your family and friends. There is so much out there these days when it comes to porch decor (much to my husband’s chagrin), the possibilities are endless.

You can theme your porch or deck look with colours and/or furniture styles just as much as you can go a little hodge podge with a bit of new sprinkled in with keepsake pieces that have followed you everywhere, mixed in with that vintage or kitschy yard sale item or awesome Kijiji, today’s online, virtual and never-ending garage sale, find.

I always wanted a front porch and I think that is what first seduced me as I lay my eyes on a dream that

Red Chair Latte Spot
Red Chair Latte Spot

would eventually become my home. My porch is big. I think all porches should be. What else are you going to do with the outside front of your house? Note to builders-people want porches and the bigger the better so start including them as options in floor plans such as you do with extended family rooms. Just saying…

I am a bit of a hodgepodge on my porch. I just see something and picture it there. I don’t shy away from different colours and designs and have set up different seating areas. Some are more shaded and some are reserved for sun worshippers. I do have to stop myself, similar to decor inside the house, as there’s only so much room to add to every year so now it’s more about the accents and updating— EXCEPT for two big finds this year. 

Vintage Inspired Solair Chair
Vintage Inspired Solair Chair

The Solair retro vintage chair that stopped me in my tracks at the flagship Bay store in Toronto. I’m not kidding. Seeing them brought a huge smile to my face and as I sat down in one, some very early childhood memories came flooding in and I knew right then and there that I needed one or two….Of course they are not available here in Ottawa and there was no evidence of them online and just when I was thinking that maybe I was crazy and somehow had experienced a mirage in The Bay on Queen St., my hubby texted me a picture of them with a caption that read, “What Colour?” One is pictured here.

And then there’s the coveted porch swing. ALWAYS wanted one-the

Blurry pic of coveted swing on its way to the porch!
Blurry pic of coveted swing on its way to the porch!

right one. Looked and looked. What is it with the porch swing makers not liking Canada?? Well, maybe they like Canada but they don’t seem to want to ship the cool porch swings here. Every year I would look and every year I would get grumpy and sulk on my non-swinging porch bench. Until now. I found a FAB company that, as I write this, is shipping my RED porch swing to my house for installation. To say I cannot wait would be an understatement. I might even sleep out there once or twice this season!

Tiffany Blue Vintage Loungers
Tiffany Blue Vintage Loungers

As much as you need something to sit on and somewhere to rest your glass and book, even more important is your porch atmosphere and the company you keep there. Mixed in with the mosquito swatters and citronella candles, a pot or two of flowers with a hanging basket above, a glass lantern throwing off a cozy reflective shadow, a comfy pillow, some music and maybe a few plug-in outdoor lights, can really be enticing to leave dinner prep or bedtime tuck in to the very last-minute and sometimes that’s okay, right? As long as you have a glass or lemonade or wine close by.

It’s part of what summer’s all about! Well, that, the clinking of glasses and laughter, lots of laughter. Oh and the many memories made. Don’t forget them!


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  1. I always wanted a wrap around porch. Our current home doesn’t have one (we have a small porch, probably just big enough for 2 chairs and a small table – although we don’t have anything on it)

  2. Ashley
    I always wanted a porch too and finally got one:) It doesn’t matter how big or small right, we just make it ours:) Sounds like you are on your way!

  3. I would love to have a front porch! I practically live on my back deck in the warmer months. Totally agree our outdoor spaces need decorating just as much as our indoor!

  4. Love that vintage chair! Oh the memories! I’m with you, Lola. I’m all for big porches…and yours looks great.

  5. a wrap around porch is something my daughter-in-law has always wanted. I wouldn’t mind either, my porch is north facing and seeing some sunshine would be marvellous

  6. Another small porch decorating idea is replacing your door bell. Most need to be replaced periodically. They are easy to replace because they are low voltage; no need to turn off the power in most cases. Consider replacing it with one that lights at night.


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