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Mom of the Month

Even before the pregnancy test confirmed it I knew that I was pregnant.  I wasn’t even a week late yet and I knew there was going to be a little human being growing inside of me.  From that moment on I had an overwhelming mixture of emotions; happy, scared, excited, shocked…  My whole world was about to change!

Although I knew that I was pregnant; there was still a part of me that didn’t believe that it was true.  Through the morning sickness, the little butterflies and the kicks I was still in doubt.  Four days that’s how long I was having contractions, twenty-four hours was how long I was in labor and I pushed for three very long hours but it still didn’t seem real.  When my son was born there were complications and he had to spend the first two weeks of his tiny little life in ICU.  I was sent home after 2 days; I would spend the whole day there and only go home to sleep.  I called the hospital right before I hit my pillow every night to make sure he was okay; still that doubt lingered.  It wasn’t until about a month after he had come home we were looking at each other during a feeding that I finally started to feel like a ‘we’ and not a ‘me’ anymore.  Before that it was almost like I believed that I was babysitting and his ‘real parents’ were going to pick him up at any time.

Mommy and Lucas

You have to know though; from the moment that I saw him I fell in love and knew that I would do anything for him I understood that he was mine I just couldn’t believe that something so precious and small came from me.  My days and nights were suddenly filled with tears (half mine half his), spit up and poopy diapers.  None of that seemed to matter because the baby giggles and his excitement to see me in the morning made it all worth it.  I remember I just had to look at him and the smiles would come out.  He was such a ticklish little guy that he couldn’t stop giggling once mommy got a hold of his thighs.  I recorded every moment with words and pictures for the first six months (it was a little harder to keep track of once he started to crawl and I had to chase him everywhere) in a scrapbook calendar I had received as a baby shower gift.  Everything from the day he came home from the hospital, his first smile, even the first time he tried any and every type of baby food.  I haven’t completely forgotten about all of the other firsts there just stored in my brain and not on paper; I may not know it right down to the day but I do know the month.

My son is now 5 years old and I have a 7 month old baby boy; I am facing all of those old challenging and milestone moments all over again along with the new ones.  Although, we may have our good and bad days, the good have always outweighed the bad and becoming a MOM is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

Mommy and boys

                  As rewarding as it is being a MOM is not easy.   In fact, as I am sure many of you can relate to; it is one of the toughest jobs ever.  Others you know may just brush it aside because it is a part of life never acknowledging what a great job you are doing in raising your child.  Playtex Mommyville wants to change that!  Every month throughout this year they will be giving one MOM the recognition that she deserves; to encourage conversation and learning in the mommy community they will be profiling one MOM and her words of wisdom.  The Mommyville Facebook page will occasionally ask moms a set of questions such as “When did you first realize you were no longer a ‘me’ but a ‘we’?” or “How do you find ways to keep your baby happy?”  It’s as easy as answering the questions and uploading a picture of yourself or you and your family.  So what are you waiting for?  Hurry over to the Mommyville Facebook page for your chance to shine and be featured as the Playtex Mom of the Month!


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  1. Fan R says:

    It is great that Playtex Mommyville has such a fantastic initiative for nominating moms, and I think every mom should be nominated. The whole idea is just to realize how mothers are important.

  2. kathy downey says:

    I enjoyed this post so much,beautiful story.Where would the world be without MMoms

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