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| January 28, 2013 | 3 Comments

B with Food on His FaceDo you have a picky eaters or kids that just won’t sit long enough at dinner?  We do and we have to keep on our toes to make sure dinner doesn’t end up being desert for our K9 garburator Dave Matthews.

Recently B has been hit and miss on what foods he likes and dislikes, which makes meal times a little more difficult. Lately it seems like he will either gobble up supper or play around with it then want to get down and play.  It can certainly make dinner a little chaotic and let’s not mention the weight you gain from eating their leftovers, it certainly sneaks up on you.

I have been asking around to see how others deal with picky eaters, and I have provided  a short list of some of the interesting ideas on how to combat the tough to please.

  1. Dip it – Use condiments.  We have found with B that if we give him some ketchup or some sauce to dip his food in, he will often eat it right up.  The down side is it can get a little messy…especially if you have white carpets like we do.
  2. Split the pile but you call the shots.  My wife’s parents used to use a “fool proof” plan where they would allow my wife to split her remaining food into two piles.  The trick was they (her parents) would get to pick which pile she had to eat.  This will force the child to think about it than simply making one pile larger than the other.
  3. Roll the dice with them…literally.  To help combat kids when they didn’t want to eat what was being served or wanted to leave the table prematurely she would use two dice. The deal was that their child could roll both dice and they had to eat the number of mouthfuls that appeared on the dice.  Fun idea when it could mean that they only need to eat 2 more bites OR it could mean they eat 12!!!  Not a bad idea unless your kid is a closet gambler and you face snake-eyes every time they touch the dice.

So before you go and tie your child to their seat and leave them there, try some of the Jedi mind tricks I have provided above.  What are some of the tricks that you use to get your kids to eat food they don’t like?


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  1. Kamerine says:

    Great tips, Matt! I love the dice idea but you’re right, it’s a total gamble. We tend to stick to the you-have-to-try-one-bite rule, and always have something we know the kids like. Always an adventure!

  2. Lynda Cook says:

    I used to try everything with my youngest and nothing would work, she was just downright stubborn

  3. kathy downey says:

    It can be a struggle to get children to eat sometimes.Great tips.

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