Our Status or Our Soul?

| March 6, 2014 | 3 Comments

A few weeks ago I had an experience at the grocery store that left me in tears. I had three kids, way too may groceries and not a single ounce of mama dignity left. I was carrying a ‘to go’ pizza, pushing a cart with my foot while my 18 month old was throwing a major meltdown, and trying to cross the road with my 2 four year old’s.  I was disheveled, frustrated and in need of a helping hand. It got me thinking, are we too afraid of our pride then to ask for a helping hand? and on the other side, are we to afraid to insult them to ask if a helping hand is needed?

Some days I feel like a ‘super mom’. I am able to do it all, alone and powerful. I feel I can do it better when I do it myself. Society praises us for all that we can do. As mothers we are told that we can everything, with grace and dignity. Mother are put on a special pedestal. Media seem to bombard us with images of mothers ‘doing it all’. Our sense of who we are and how good of job we are doing seems to be highly linked to ‘how much we can pull off till we fall down with exhaustion‘. I know that  I am sure I send off a vibe of independence, an aura of ‘look at me I can do it all’. I used to think this made me a strong mama, but I am coming to realize this may not be true.

Vulnerability makes us human. It makes us approachable and warm. I allows us to relate to each other. We sink closer to truth rather than trying to mask it. Sometimes asking (physically or by body language) for what we need will allow us receive it, like my day at the grocery store. If I would have swallowed my pride and asked someone to help me out to my car, the whole experience and my emotional state would have been restored. I would have let go of my super mom obsession, I would have seen that help was waiting. The world was welcoming me with open arms. All I needed to do was accept that we all need a little help.

So I ask you, do you try and be super mom? Do you push your self to the brink of exhaustion in pursuit of the status?

super mom

photo by Jessica Kennedy

Lets smash the wall of mama insecurities and simply say it together: Super mom does not exist.  She is a figment of our imaginations, trying to break down who we are. Who we are a mother’s  does not ride on who much can we do in one day. Who we are a mother is not about how much we can do with out help and on our own. When our vulnerability shows and we release prior misconceptions of what motherhood should be, our truly super qualities start to shine out.

Compassion, strength, honestly, sincerity, those qualities make us awesome. They make us  strong. They make us free. They make us courageous.  And in the end, what do we want our children to see, our status or our soul?





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  1. Victoria Ess says:

    I love this post and will share it with other mothers. Superwoman doesn’t exist either.

  2. Stephanie LaPlante says:

    I’m not a mother but I do notice how other mom’s push themselves. I’m disabled so my mom takes care of me 24/7 and often tell her to slow down & relax.

  3. kathy downey says:

    Being a Mom is a 24/7 job,never any rest it seems.

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