Ottawa Comiccon 2014 — The BEST Mother’s Day Yet!

| May 15, 2014 | 3 Comments

From the comic favourites to the ethereal cosplayer (costumed players), this year’s Ottawa Comiccon was probably one of my best experiences. (Don’t get me wrong, meeting Nathan Fillion — Castle, Firefly — was a truly amazing experience on its own last year. Let’s face it “Richard Castle” is quite dreamy in person.)

I went to this years with a mission. My son, who will be turning 7 this summer, is a MASSIVE fan of the Stuntman/Actor Ray Park. When I heard he was here, HE was my mission. In case you do not have boys at home, or your husbands movies are of no use to you, Ray Park played “Darth Maul” in the Star Wars Episode 1, “Snake Eyes” in the rebooted movie franchise G I Joe, and “Toad” in the X-men franchise.

My son will spend hours on both YouTube and every movie Ray is in. He will play/pause/rewind EVERY fight scene he is in (over and over and over..), especially as “Darth Maul”. He has been trying to “train” (as he puts it) to fight as a Jedi/Sith. When I came home this past weekend from Comic-Con, I know I made his year.

Because of traffic (on delivering the actors to the E&Y Center), I ended up in his line to meet him for over an hour-and-a-half. When it came time to walk up, he MORE than made up for it.

My son, was home with a migraine (has had them since he was 3). As well even if he WAS feeling good, I was not willing to have him exposed to a crowd of thousands, ending up with a moody sidekick? No thanks.

I explained that I had a certain someone at home, who did not come, that he was THE super-fan. I told Ray about his obsession with hours and hours of footage of both Darth Maul and Snake Eyes. That he drew pictures of Darth Maul (I presented him with one that he drew), as well I pulled out a painting that my son did, that I hoped he could sign it rather than the photos we had to choose from.

He signed it. He was also quite amazed at the level of artistic talent he’s shown for his age! (Mommy pats herself on the back, seeing I majored in “Art”) I told him that “Mommy” may have helped to make sure every black mark was in the correct place..but all in all it was in fact my son’s masterpiece.

He also went racing back behind the curtain and came forward with a personal email for me, well for Gabe, to use to contact him. I also got a double-ended lightsaber (for NON GEEKS it’s what the Jedi/Sith use to fight in the Star Wars movies). The kids behind me? Their chins dropped and I could see the parents struggling to try to explain how I got so much. (He also gave me a signed “snake eyes” picture, biography card, etc)


As I was walking around, I also ran into a new friend I made a few days before at the press launch for the weekend. Pat Mastroianni from Degrassi! He gave me a signed shirt from the show to auction off at a high school reunion I am putting together this coming summer. I had to chance to “tag” him with a #NOMOREBULLIES bracelet, as well a couple of days earlier I got to sit down with him to talk about bullying and Degrassi (which is turning into its own article in the coming days).

And of course I stopped by Charisma Carpenters table to get my Season 3 of the Angel series signed. She is extremely as beautiful as on television. I told her so as well. (And that my husband, like many males, is in love with her.) She blushed.

I have to thank one person in particular for allowing me this opportunity, before I sign off.

Leeja Murphy, from Agence Pink in Montreal. You have been an amazing person to be able to fit me in for everything I experienced this past event. I was so very happy to finally meet you, and look forward to working with you again.


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  1. Lynda Cook says:

    Sounds like you had an amazing time, to bad your son had to miss it, but I’m sure his eyes lit up when you showed him his signed picture and the email. I can just see the looks on the faces of the people behind you, I imagine there might of been some grumbling I’ve always wanted to go to a comic-con but my hubby is not a nerd like me, matbe one of these days

  2. Victoria Ess says:

    Oh my gosh! You met Pat Mastroianni! It sounds like a really fun event and I hope to make ComicCon next year when it hits Toronto.

  3. Fan R. says:

    I was at Comic Con only once, it was great experience but our grandma did not like it!

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