Open Doors to Worlds of Learning with DK Canada Books – Reviews

Open Doors to Worlds of Learning with DK Canada Books

I LOVE books. Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, they always open a door to different world of learning and exploration that I find fascinating. When looking for titles that offer instruction or information, I love looking through the boutiques that DK Canada has to offer. There are so many of them, with books that everyone in the family would enjoy. I was asked to review three books from a few of their book boutiques. I chose the following titles to review:

Baby Play for Every Day
Pocket Genius: Bugs
Wine: A Tasting Course

Ottawa Mommy Club DK Canada Book Collage March Photo

Baby Play for Every Day

One of my best friends is in a new phase of her life: motherhood. This is her first time being around a new baby for many hours at a time and caring for it on her own. I felt that Baby Play for Every Day would be a perfect book for new moms who want to keep their new bundle entertained and learning for their first year of life. There are so many activities new parents can do with their babies so they can have fun while teaching their baby about the world around them. From exercises and crafts to songs and outing ideas, Baby Play for Every Day is a fantastic book to make a baby’s first year an engaging one.

Ottawa Mommy Club DK Canada Baby Play Collage March Photo

With the weather about to change, my kids can’t wait to see spring again. We are always seeing different kinds of bugs in our backyard, but are not always sure as to what all of our outdoor neighbours look like. That is why I loved Pocket Genius: Bugs. It is a small but information-packed guide to the world of creepy-crawlies that inhabit our world. I learned a lot about the numerous different kinds of bugs that live not only in my backyard, but around the world, the difference between two bugs that look-alike and how they all fit into our world.

Pocket Genius: Bugs

Ottawa Mommy Club DK Canada Bugs Collage March Photo

Over the past few years, learning about the wide world of wine has become a new interest of mine. There have been times when I felt a bit lost in the aisles of the wine store searching for a new wine to taste or for the perfect wine to share with friends and family. This is where Wine: A Tasting Course came to the rescue! It teaches readers what they should keep their eyes out for when picking a good wine, the differences between particular wines, why different wine glasses are necessary and which wines go best with different foods. I did not know there was so much to know about wine and my mind loved uncorking all of the information this book gave me.

Ottawa Mommy Club DK Canada Wine Collage March Photo

Wine: A Tasting Course

I really enjoyed learning from all of the books I chose from the various book boutiques by DK Canada. There are so many fun titles to choose from and there is so much more to learn about. Cracking a cover to DK Canada book really does lead to a whole new world of learning and discovery. I can’t wait to continue the learning and the adventures these book take my family and me on!

To begin adventure for you and your family, check out the boutiques DK Canada has to offer and choose some amazing titles today!

For more details about DK Canada, you can connect with them on their website, or on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest pages!

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Disclaimer: I received the aforementioned titles from DK Canada in order to write this review. The views expressed are my own.

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  1. Baby play for each day. I have a dear friend who has just had a newborn and I think this would be a wonderful resource for her.

  2. fave book posted here is the baby play book
    fave book ever is the fault in our stars by john green, or anything john green really

  3. All DK books are renowned for their illustrations and photographs. I have my first grandchild due this summer, and would like to give Baby Play for Every Day to the new parents.

  4. I love science books as well as children’s picture books. My favorite listed here is Bugs! I enjoy hiking my family on hikes and identifying plants and rocks – Bugs would be an added field guide joy.


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