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[Picture courtesy of Natalie Thompson, Hairstylist and Make-up Artist, Texture Hair Salon]

We love this look it’s so hot and edgy. Ombré hair adds dimension to and brightens up the face. It’s beautifully imperfect.

What is ombré hair?

This term comes from the French word meaning shade or shadow.  It is a deliberate graduation of colour, darker at the roots and lighter at the ends.

Jessica Biel is someone who can definitely rock the ombré look, it looks absolutely stunning on her.

What are the benefits?

Aside from looking super sexy? When it’s done right you can stretch your color when it comes to re-growth and touched up.

How can you get the look?

We think you already know our answer. Don’t google it and attempt it on your own. We read the comments after one “how to” for ombré hair, and a lot of them finished with “Please help!!” or “Can you please give me advice…I really need it.”

Go to a professional.

If you don’t already have you own stylist you need to do a bit of leg work. Find a reputable salon with experienced and seasoned stylists. Ask family or friends for recommendations.

Always go for a consultation too – don’t be afraid to ask your stylist questions either. If she or he is good at their craft, you’ll be able to tell right away.

For the next two questions we turn to our Bernardi Beauty Blog expert Ramsey Sayah, Master Stylist at Texture Hair Salon.

Can the ombré look be done on any type of hair?

Yes, why not. It’ll just look different on each type. It looks so nice on curly long hair or even a curly bob. Then once you straighten the hair out, it has a totally different style. So it’s a very versatile look. I’ve done it now on every length. It’s a color fad that has grown to look nice on every style not just your typical Kardashian long hairstyles.

Can you do ombré in a color other than blonde and brown shades?

Doing ombré started out with these shades. It’s how it became popular. Those are easy colors to blend together, however ombré color has since evolved and is now being done in every color. Ombré color is now a technique and not just about blondes or browns. It’s being done with blacks and purples. Reds and oranges. Dark roots of any color and mid shaft to the ends with any lighter color. It’s endless possibilities.•

So if you are looking to try something new with your hair – we think this is a great look that will never go out of style.

If you have any fashion, hair or beauty questions please feel free to leave a comment below or to send them to us at


The Bernardi Sisters

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we came to create our blog.


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  1. Andrea B. says:

    I love this look! Just wish my hair were long enough to do it.

  2. Dreena says:

    I enjoyed reading this article. I might think about doing the ombre’ look if it’s still “in”.

  3. Cheryl (@loucheryl) says:

    Love the hair. If I only had it….wow!

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