NHL Hockey Playoffs – A household divided!

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8 Years ago, just married, new and lonely in Ottawa, my husband asked for a kitten for his birthday. A kitten he got. Now a very fat cat, Meet Maple!


DSC_0677You’d be entirely wrong if you thought that he was named after the colour of his fur. His full name is Maple Leafs after the Toronto Maple Leafs NHL Hockey team of course. You see, my husband, born and brought up in Toronto, bleeds blue!

The morning after the Leafs had clinched their playoff spot my husband wore his favourite Roots Maple Leafs golf shirt along with the biggest smile (one perhaps that I haven’t seen since the birth of my second child). After all it IS the first time Toronto is in the playoffs since 2004.

My husband’s hope (and expectation) of his two boys is the same – to be true blue Maple leafs fans.

Here in lies the issue. My eldest son is 5 ½ years old and just starting to get into hockey. Sometimes he will say yes Daddy Go Maple Leafs! Other times if you ask him who are you rooting for? He’d say the red team – The Ottawa Senators. And his dad will grumble, grumble, grumble and then say no we have to like the blue team! But if you ask my son why the red team he’ll tell you:


photo (1)

1. Ottawa is my home. I was born here, I live here and I think I should support its team.

2. You named me RED. (His initials spell RED. That was his dad’s idea – brilliant he had thought at the time. Clearly, he hadn’t thought about the long term consequences.)

3. All my friends love the Senators and I do too. Peer pressure starts early I guess.

4. Mommy doesn’t love the Maple Leafs, why do I have to?

Well it’s not so much that Mommy doesn’t love the Maple Leafs. Dare I say the thing is I am not really into hockey. My choice of sport to watch has always been NCAA and NBA basketball since my University days in Massachusetts. Perhaps I’ll be hooked to Hockey once my sons start playing (or this year’s Playoffs will be just THAT exciting). But if asked to pick a team, I’d say the Boston Bruins. My move to Boston back in 1987 marked my first real exposure to North American sports and when in doubt Boston is my go to team.

photo (1) - Copy

But the thing is I do see my son’s point. Ottawa is definitely home today and hopefully for a long time to come. So Perhaps it is time to root for the Senators?

Then there is my 2 ½ two year old. He could go with any of the above.

1. Maybe Dad will succeed in converting him. GO LEAFS GO!

2. He wants to do and be just like his older brother so maybe GO SENS GO!

3. His favourite colour is undeniably and passionately yellow. So perhaps GO BRUINS GO!

4. Or there is a little itty bitty chance of Montreal? Say what?

A few years ago my husband completed his family medicine residency. At the graduation ceremony his mentor made a speech and presented a gift – A Personalized and Official Montreal Canadiens jersey! (It was meant to be funny. It was. For everyone but my husband that is.) Every time I bring up this story he threatens to throw out the jersey but I can still see it in the back of his closet. Maybe just maybe the jersey is waiting to be found? So just maybe GO HABS! (The horror?!)

Clearly we are a household divided and a bit (or a lot) confused but excited all the same. It’s good to have NHL Playoffs hockey and may the best team win!

What do you think? Are you a one team household or a household divided like us?

Source for Featured Image – Hockey Net: www.dreamstime.com

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  1. kathy downey says:

    We root for our own teams here also,its always fun to watch to the end.Thats a cute Cat !

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