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This was taken by my then 3-year old son on one of our many hikes in Gatinuea Park

This was taken by my then 3-year old son on one of our many hikes in Gatinuea Park

Welcome to my very first blog post! I thought that I would start off by explaining my name. I am obviously a Mommy … I have two young boys who are my sun and stars, and have always been at odds with my Tummy. It is a defining element of my life. You see, along with the typical female angst caused by trying to stuff oneself into an itty-bitty outfit to look like the better-put-together-than-you-could-ever-dream mannequin in the store window but instead resembling something closer to a short, space-aged sausage wearing a fashionable scarf, I have big time troubles with my digestion. Like, don’t go to events for fear of an embarrassing episode troubles. Like, hours of my life wasted to labour-like pains and anxiety troubles. Like IBS. Or so I was told as a teen when my doctor ran out of answers. Sorry. Nothing to be done. Just figure out your trigger foods and try to live your life. Like, I BS troubles. It wasn’t until last May well after my second son was born and was exhibiting the same uncomfortable tummy troubles that I made the change that has changed us all. We went gluten­-free.

What’s this! I jumped on the current trendy band-wagon? Nope. My new and wonderful Doctor has been trying to get me to do this for years. He even gave me a reading list including The Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD. Although my blood test was negative for Celiac’s Disease, I exhibited many of the qualities of a gluten intolerance including, but not limited to: poor absorption resulting in low iron, fatigue, visceral fat, headache and migraine, history of depression, low white blood cell count, chronic joint inflammation, and, of course, the massively apparent digestive disorder. It wasn’t until he scared the bejesus out of me in the spring that I finally committed to the change for good. After pounding home these fine points listed above, he dropped this jem on me. That gluten may even be connected to aneurysm. Now, this silent and usually fatal condition is a plague in my family. Just this past year, two of my loved ones were found to have five aneurysms between them, all in the brain. This is a scary condition that I fear passing on to my own sons. This condition took my grandfather at the age of 28 and, in an un-familial incident, took the life of my brother’s friend at the impossibly young age of 18. So, yeah, the idea that I could be contributing to or even causing this condition for both myself and my sons scared me. Big time. Scared me enough to finally make the change and give bread the boot.

bread stomp

my son was over the moon when I asked him if he would like to jump on some bread πŸ˜›

So … this is my journey. I am still figuring things out but we are much healthier already. By already I mean, yes, 8 months later I am still only just seeing some benefits. When you make a lifestyle change, you cannot expect results in a week. My doctor was confident that I would immediately lose the extra weight (I am actually almost entirely grain-free which should have helped this too) but this change has not been a magic wand for me. He is the one who prepared me for the long haul. And I am confident that this is the right decision. My kids will be healthier and I will finally be well. I’m not always going to write about gluten, my kids give me enough material on their own to do my own comedy sketch, but my blog name is meant to reference these two things; my glorious butt-in-the-front and descent into mom-jean Hell, and my ongoing quest for intestinal health. So … Mommy Tummy. Welcome.

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  1. Amber says:


    You are a great writer! Very fun to read!

    Keep it up!!


  2. Laura Moses says:

    Vicki, you are insanely funny, direct and totally out of the box. I love it! Can’t wait to read more entires. You might just help keep me sane with my own daughter, body and tummy troubles by keeping up with yours! πŸ™‚

  3. Mackenzie says:

    Awesome blogging Vicki! Can’t wait to read more… Keep up the good work, you’ve got a special talent for this! πŸ™‚

  4. Melodie says:

    Vicki, this is great… I am looking forward to reading more of your mommy stories/adventures.

  5. Tammy (Mom) says:

    Awesome…….can’t wait to read more

  6. Dawn says:

    Great read, thanks! Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures in Mommyhood!

  7. Theresa Gray-Gunn says:

    Well done – can’t wait to read more πŸ™‚

  8. Pam Harrison says:

    love it!

  9. Laura says:

    This is fabulous! Although I don’t have kiddies, your tummy issues perfectly describe what I am going through right now!
    Looking forward to more!

  10. Fran says:

    Love it! Way to go Vicki!

  11. Otownmommy says:

    Wow!! that is pretty scary! glad to hear you are making positive changes in your eating habits for you and your family. I look forward to hearing more about the positive ways your diet effects you πŸ™‚

  12. Rene says:

    Love your writing style – looking forward to more!

  13. Jean Moles.(Mama) says:

    Wonderful start Vicki. I always said you were the one with the words. Love you.

  14. kathy downey says:

    You just made my morning lovely read

  15. kathy downey says:

    Love the writing style,you rock!

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