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| May 23, 2013 | 4 Comments

Since you are here on Ottawa Mommy Club, chances are that YOU are a mother.  If you are a mother, this is for you and for all mothers out there, so please do share this with all moms you know.
Mothers of Change – National Capital Region Chapter is a group of women who are interested in improving maternity care for ALL women.  Mothers of Change just launched a new campaign called ‘Mothers Matter’.

The day a woman gives birth  is a day she will remember for the rest of her life.   How a woman is cared for on that day will have a direct effect on her perception of the events that took place and her overall satisfaction with the outcome of the birth.  It is important that mothers are being treated with respect and kindness through the process of birth and that their human rights over their body are being respected every step of the way.

The Mothers Matter campaign is an opportunity for women to share their stories with decision makers and administrators in the world of childbirth.  It is not about one way to give birth, it is for all women to participate.   Did you feel empowered by your birth experience, or traumatized, or somewhere in between?  Did you feel in control and respected or did you feel like you had no choice?  Were you given the opportunity for informed consent for all procedures or were things done without consent?  Regardless of your birth experience, Mothers of Change wants to hear from you.

Stories collected through the campaign will be shared with maternity care decision makers at all levels from medical schools to hospital administrators, midwifery colleges to MPPs.  You personal information will stay confidential.

Mothers of Change wants YOU to share how birth has impacted your life and why Mothers Matter.   You can participate by visiting


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  1. Petra says:

    I was traumatized after giving birth in the hospital. I requested no medical students be present but a large group of them filed in while I was naked in the stirrups. I requested no oxytocin but was given a large dose via IV. I am so glad I refused the urinary catheter (I had to be very firm which was hard due to feeling so weak) as I believe they lead to chronic UTI’s. I had a young male doctor deliver my baby as my family doctor (female) was not available, and I did not want any males present. Turns out there were many males present, and I was examined by three of them. I do not think women should be put on public display against their wishes during their most intimate moments. Childbirth should be a happy joyful time and not leave a woman feeling violated and nothing more than a piece of meat. Thank you for the opportunity to share some of what happened to me.

  2. Celine says:

    Petra, Thank you for sharing your experience. You are strong. I’m sorry that your wishes and body weren’t respected during your birth as a mother. I wish you peace on your healing journey.

    If you’re in Ottawa, there is a Birth Rally happening on Sept. 2, 2013, to draw attention to the importance of women’s (and babies’) experiences of birth.

  3. Fan R says:

    Mothers Matter campaign is such a great initiative giving an opportunity for women to share their stories. I am sure there are lots to say and if it helps other women, good to join it.

  4. kathy downey says:

    This really is an amazing campaign for women

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