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Becoming a mom, whether it’s your first or third time, as in my situation was an amazing experience, yet it was also very daunting.  This was the case when I had my first few days at home alone with my young ones who were under the age of two.  Sure, I had my family and friends to get help when I needed it, but there were times when I felt as though I was alone, too.  When I got the opportunity to review the MommiesFirst Care Package and went through it, I was so happy to see that there are other women like me, and that they get what it’s like to have a newborn.

Lorena Pacheco Scott, the creator of MommiesFirst Caould Care Packages, felt that mothers of new babies should feel special, and to help being a mother of a newborn just a little bit comfortable.  She created a council made up of parents and baby experts (the MommiesFirst Council) to test and review products that were focused towards babies and moms, and the ones they liked are used in the MommiesFirst care packages sent out to new mommies to make the first year of motherhood, for both mommy and baby, more fun and relaxed.

When the MommiesFirst Care Package arrived in the mail, it took me forever to actually open my care package because my little ones believe that boxes equals things they can eat, rip apart and destroy!  I had to wait for my eldest child to come home after school to distract them so I could open the package.

When I got past the cover of the box, I was so pleased!  Everything was wrapped in tissue paper, and held together by a MommiesFirst sticker!  It was adorable!  Then, I gingerly went through what was sent in the package, piece by piece, happily looking over all of the treasures hidden inside!

OMC MommiesFirst Box Collage

At the time I received this care package from MommiesFirst, my youngest was nine months-old.  When I opened it, I was happy to see there were things for both my little guy as well as for myself!  Here is a list of all the goodies that was set to me:

  • A card from Lorena Pacheco Scott, warmly welcoming me to her brand, and the first year of motherhood;
  • A page describing the MommiesFirst story;
  • 2 CDs: a sampler from Jack Grunsky and Splash’n Boots: Coconuts Don’t Fall Far From the Tree;
  • The Rainbow Stacker from the Melissa and Doug line of toys;
  • Cream bath solution from Weleda;
  • All-in-one toning cleanser from Ahava;
  • Natural bar soap, a soap saver and a pair of exfoliating gloves from Penny Lane Organics;
  • A $10 off Promotion from Dear Kate Lingerie; and
  • The August/September 2013 issue of Parents Canada Magazine.

OMC MommiesFirst Display

For me, the best things within the MommiesFirst Care Package were actually the card and the page detailing Lorena Pacheco Scott’s story.  It was great to hear from another mom describe her experiences as a mom, and that it wasn’t always easy.

OMC MommiesFirst Letter                    OMC MommiesFirst Story

If my little guy could speak (right now it’s just a few words and belly laughs), he would tell you his favourite item in the box was the Melissa and Doug Rainbow Stacker.  I had to fend him off so I could take the plastic off of it so he could play with it, then I had to put him and his sister in opposing corners about ten times because they were fighting over who would get to play with it instead of sharing it or taking turns with it!  Yes, this item was surely a hit!

 OMC MommiesFirst Melissa and Doug

The little ones danced and played along with both CDs!  Their favourite songs were “Siyanibingelea”, “Alligator Stomp”, and “Avec mes deux mains” from the Jack Grunsky Sampler, and “Dinosaurs In My Kitchen”, “Emma the Dancing Unicorn” and “Don’t Cut the Cheese” from the Spash’n Boots CD.  I wasn’t surprised that my kids liked these songs based on some of their titles.

OMC MommiesFirst CDs

The cream bath solution from Weleda was amazing!  I just put a few drops into my little guy’s bath, ad it gave off the most wonderful smell!  I was having a bit of a stressful night when bath time came around, and after I took in a waft of this product, I became happy and more at ease,  (which is its purpose), and my baby seemed calmer after his bath, too.  His skin also felt much smoother after using the cream bath.

OMC MommiesFirst Weleda

I liked the AHAVA Active Dead Sea Minerals all-in-one cleanser, toner and make-up remover.  It has a slight floral scent, and was really easy to use.  All I had to do was use a cotton pad to smooth it over my face and eye area.  It was not heavy or greasy feeling when I put over my face, and my complexion did improve after using it for a while.  It also helped to remove any make-up I was wearing on those rare occasions I got gussied up to go out.

OMC MommiesFirst Ahava

My son also used the natural soap from Penny Lane Organics.  I was really surprised by how quickly it lathered up!  It was almost instantaneous!  I was able to lather all of my son’s head, and half of his body without using much soap.  I also liked that he didn’t have a strong scent after using the soap.  Since this soap was also scent-free, he just smelled clean, and his skin didn’t feel dried out, either.  I then used the soap saver to keep the soap from slipping everywhere or wearing away faster.  It was a nice idea to add this item into the package.  The exfoliating gloves were really great at keeping lathered, were easy to clean, and dried quickly!  I really liked them!

OMC MommiesFirst Penny Lane

I enjoyed reading the Parents Canada magazine.  There were a lot of interesting articles, and it also allowed for me to have a break away from the kids while Dad watched them for a while!  I really enjoyed the article “Why I’m Not Getting My Daughter A Cell Phone – Yet” by Jen Marinucci because I agreed with most of what she wrote about the subject of kids needing to become familiar with tangible things to find answers, not simply relying on technology to find out about the world around them.  My daughter has a cell phone, but she only uses it when when she is not with me, and it has no Internet capabilities.  I also took note of the recipes for Bibimbap (Korean rice bowl) and the Spaghetti with Instant Sausage  Meatballs!  Can’t wait to try them out!  I wish there was also a picture of the Bubble Pizza!  It sounded good.  ‘ll try that one out, too!

OMC Mommies First PC Collage

The only thing I have not used was the promotional offer for Dear Kate.   I’ve just received them from Dear Kate, but I have not used them yet.  From what I saw on the Dear Kate site, they look very cute and comfortable.  They have their brand of leak-free lingerie in various styles, and colours to fit most preferences, as well as a body suit and a bralet to match their Ms. Moxie line of lingerie.

OMC MommiesFirst Dear Kate

Overall, the MommiesFirst Care Package received a huge thumbs up from both my son and I!  I felt special and pampered, my son was happy to have new toys to play with, and was calmer at bath time.  The care package arrived at my door sooner than I expected, and I would definitely use MommiesFirst for some of my friends who, like me,  have become new moms, or are about to join the ranks of motherhood!  Thank you,  MommiesFirst, for making this mom feel just that much more special!

Disclosure:  I received the above mentioned products to sample.  All opinions are honest and my own.

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    $30 per month! Thanks for hosting!

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    For a month it costs $30.

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    It’s $30 per month.

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    The cost is $30 per month!

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    $30 is reasonable. We all know baby products are expensive.

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  14. Thank you SO much for your kind and detailed review! We LOVE to receive feedback on our boxes of all kinds. Good luck to all of the giveaway entrants!

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    The fee is $30

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    It costs $30 per month.

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